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Max Lucado, Joshua Harris, and Transvestite Headline Preston Sprinkle’s Conference

Preston Sprinkle has made a career in Big Eva as a subject matter expert in the field of sexuality, despite being a heretic on the subject spreading Side B theology in Evangelical churches that will let their guard down for someone whose academic credentials include The Master’s Seminary. The Exiles In Babylon Conference is a conference based on his podcast, Theology In The Raw. Preston Sprinkle teaches Side B theology in which homosexual and transvestite desires and identities are compatible with Christianity. His conference is next April 18-20 and is a showcase of his Side B leanings.

Evangelical Dark Web has reported on Max Lucado’s ongoing belief that homosexuality is an agree-to-disagree issue in the church. Yet despite his prominence in the conference, he’s hardly the most problematic name on the ledger. He grants legitimacy to more problematic names.

Side B Conference

The Side B movement is exemplified by the Revoice Conference, and the two are commonly understood interchangeably. Sprinkle has endorsed and gone to Revoice in the past. At this conference, Art Pereira, a Revoice staffer, is a speaker. Art Pereira is best known as the Revoice speaker who wanted to be a permanent fixture in his best friend’s life, including living with him if he were to ever get married. Also, a Revoice alum is Greg Coles, the author of Single, Gay Christian.

Other ministries such as Enemies Within The Church, reported on Max Lucado speaking at a conference with a transvestite. Kat LaPrairie is speaking as a subject matter expert on homosexuals and transvestites in the church. LaPrairie is also a self-identified tranny. Consider this description:

Kat has found identifying as transgender to be helpful in describing how she sees and experiences the world. Kat came out as gay when she was 18, but found that the term gay didn’t convey all of Kat’s experience. After walking away from the church, unable to reconcile her LGBTQ+ experience with Faith, God pursued Kat, sending others to disciple her. Kat is passionate about people, the church and articulating the Gospel using her story that God has woven together. Kat lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI while serving at her local church.
Unsurprisingly, when found out this has gotten more coverage, but the whole of this conference is much worse than its weakest link would entail.

Deconstruction Grift

The second major category of speakers is deconstruction glorifiers. The most prominent of this class of grifter is Joshua Harris, the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, who ignored conventional dating wisdom before getting married. Joshua Harris ultimately fell away in large part due to his rejection of biblical sexuality. He’s found ways to make more money off of this, including speaking at Sprinkle’s conference. Tickets are $199 a person to attend.

Fake and Gay Politics

Max Lucado’s role in the conference is one regarding “Church & Politics.” What qualifies him for this role? Don’t know. Also on the docket is Christopher Butler, someone who campaigned for Barrack Obama in 2004. His bio is the lengthiest in the conference. Pastor Chris co-authored “Compassion and Conviction: The AND Campaigns Guide To Faithful Civic Engagement” with Justin Giboney and Micheal Wear.


Preston Sprinkle is still a widely celebrated figure in Evangelicalism, especially being promoted online by men such as Sean McDowell and Ed Stetzer. Yet this conference should prove that his liberalism on sexuality and other areas should be a red flag for online ministries and Christian media.

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