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Nashville shooting victims

Nashville Manifesto Leaked: Here’s What It Says

After several months following the Covenant School Shooting in which a transvestite woman, Audrey Hale, murdered 6 people at a Christian private school before being put down by law enforcement. The public debate surrounding transgenderism has largely been seen as the reason why the manifesto of the shooter has not been made public. Steven Crowder obtained exclusive leaked pictures of part of the manifesto. They include handwritten journal entries and allude to a 10-minute video version of the manifesto that has not been leaked.




The manifesto is spread across two notebooks and includes an itinerary for “Death Day.” Though we only have 3 pages what what undoubtedly is much longer, what we have are the anti-White ravings of a demonic individual.

The drawings reference the anime series Dark Abyss and the logo of the evil Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil video game series.

Brent Leatherwood’s Involvement

Brent Leatherwood is the head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He went out of his way to use the Nashville Shooting to advocate for gun control in the state and is viewed by the liberal media as the representative parent in favor of suppressing the manifesto. The NY Times reported in June:

The parents of students at the Covenant School, along with the school itself and the adjoining church, have said the writings should never be released, citing fears of inspiring another mass shooting and further traumatizing their children. An opposing coalition that includes news outlets and a gun rights group has argued that the writings, which are now in the police’s possession, are part of the public record and crucial to understanding why the violence occurred.
Brent Leatherwood, a Covenant School parent who has been present in court over the last few weeks, said Thursday’s developments made it “an extraordinary day by any definition.”
“From the outset of this case,” Mr. Leatherwood said in a statement, “we have told our attorneys to leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the ultimate objective we have, which is to prevent any of these writings or any material that might inspire a similar destructive event from ever seeing the light of day.” He added, “No one — either in the legal community or outside of it — should doubt our resolve.”

Brent Leatherwood was determined to suppress the manifesto from the public against the wishes of some family members of Covenant School. The contents of the manifesto, being anti-white embody many of the sentiments of woke Evangelicals, including Leatherwood.

The more sinister intent would be to suppress information that would showcase the evils of transgenderism which Audrey Hale exemplifies.

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  1. Hi Ray, do you mean Made in Abyss instead of Dark Abyss? I have not heard of the anime even back in 2017/2013, it seems to be an obscure anime. Anime has gotten much more sexually explicit and violent with influence from Disney, Netflix, and Youtube. The Japanese Society has not recognize the reason that they were defeated in World War Two with their Nazi Germany ally that also deal heavily into the demonic, occult, and homosexuality as well as persecuting God’s people.

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