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Brent Leatherwood vs Steven Crowder

SBC’s Brent Leatherwood vs Steven Crowder Over Nashville Manifesto

The partial leak of the Nashville Manifesto was welcomed by many Christians. It was a media victory against the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, whose president, Brent Leatherwood is leading an effort to conceal the manifesto from public release. The ERLC is the political lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention but their missional scope does not include their activities relating to the Covenant School Shooting, in which a female transvestite, Audrey Hale, murdered 6 people. Indeed the liberal media has been championing Brent Leatherwood as a representative of the parents, and the ERLC put on a press conference at Brentwood Baptist Church, an egalitarian Southern Baptist church, and Fox17 livestreamed it.

Brent Leatherwood denounced the leakage of the manifesto, claiming that it victimized the children once more to have it public. Leatherwood took aim at Steven Crowder for leaking the images, calling him a shock jock

“To the online shock jock who aired these images, I would challenge him, and anyone who amplifies them online: just be a human, for once.”

Brent Leatherwood denounced Steven Crowder and all who reported the leaked manifesto images which would include Evangelical Dark Web as subhuman. The harshest words are perhaps reserved for the leaker:

You are a viper. You’re a member of the law enforcement community, and you have released evidence that was gathered in our most volnerable moment. [Dramatic pause] You have now allowed this woman who terrorized our family with bullets to be able to now terrorize us with words from the grave. [Dramatic pause, head shake] How could you?

Audrey Hales comparably gets off easy in this press conference. Brent Leatherwood despite believing that women who take abortion pills to kill their babies are victims, believes the leaker is a felon who needs to be brought to justice and repent of their evil ways. It’s worth noting that two other ERLC staffers appear to be at the press conference, Elizabeth Bristow and Alex Ward, showcasing how Brent Leatherwood is using Cooperative Programs funds for his personal endeavor.

The performative press conference livestream was ratio’d and the public embarrassment could be impactful at the 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention.

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