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Brent Leatherwood ERLC

Calls Mount For Brent Leatherwood To Be Removed From The ERLC

Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported that Brent Leatherwood gave a press conference in which he had harsher words for Steven Crowder, the person who leaked the Nashville Manifestoy, and those who amplified it, than even the transvestite school shooter, Audrey Hale. In the performative press conference, Brent Leatherwood employed ERLC staffers for his personal project of attempting to suppress the Nashville Manifesto from the public.

As a result, calls for his termination from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention have gained serious coordination.

William Wolfe has called for this to be investigated, and Joel Berry, the managing editor of the Babylon Bee went after Brent Leatherwood as well.

In an organized fashion, Southern Baptists have launched a petition for his removal.

Brent Leatherwood has continually used his platform as President of the ERLC given to him by the Southern Baptist Convention to push for policies that are against the wishes of those he represents in the SBC. Leatherwood was a big part of push for Red-flag laws and other gun control efforts in the state of Tennessee after the Covenant School shooting took place. Leatherwood also lobbied continually to keep the shooter’s manifesto from the public eye. Now that the manifesto is being leaked, Leatherwood quickly rushed to a camera in order to condemn THE LEAKER not the shooter, calling the leaker a “viper!” 

This is a repeated theme from Leatherwood. He is missing in action for the big fights such as the banning of child mutilation surgeries, but he is ready and willing to attack those who seek to entrust the public with the truth.

By signing this petition you are encouraging the leaders in the SBC and ERLC trustees to remove Leatherwood for abusing his platform and using your tithes and offerings to attack your God given rights.

The petition combines his inaction on meaningful fights with his gun control activism in Tennessee, in addition to his support for suppressing the Nashville Manifesto. Over 400 have signed the petition.

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