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Stop Hyperspiritualizing Recent Election Defeats

The election defeats on Tuesday were disappointing yet not surprising. I’ve seen many Evangelical leaders hyperspiritualize the Ohio referendum results without looking into the finite details of the race. Their doing of this ultimately promotes a culture of losing down here. But the results in Ohio have a surface level explanation and resolution. As reported, 2020 Trump voters underperformed expectations comprising 10 percent less of the electorate in 2023 than in 2020. Meaning the votes existed but failed to show up.

But to address the spiritualized concerns, 1 in 4 white Evangelicals voted pro-abortion. They either support abortion overtly or refuse to legislate their morality. Both should face church discipline. Yet with so many resources combatting Christian Nationalism, it’s a wonder this isn’t higher. Evangelicals are inundated with messaging that we cannot legislate morality while liberals are legislating their morality continually. It’s not a matter of whether but which.

Evangelicals outkicked their coverage in Ohio. White Evangelicals, representing 30% of the electorate on gameday, voted disproportionately higher, proving to be a bulwark. Pessimistically, White Evangelicals represent 17% of the population of Ohio. I’ve seen estimates as high as 29%. Evangelicals are constantly browbeaten by their own despite the fact that the blame for this defeat is not actually our fault. The Ohio Right to Life fired a Christian out of religious animus.

There exists a great leadership vacuum in Republican politics.

On D-Day, Erwin Rommel, despite knowing an Allied invasion was imminent, took an ill-advised vacation, and the German high command refused to wake Hitler up. It was this leadership vacuum that crippled the German response. The Allies exploited this. The Republican Party is being exploited for lack of leadership. The de facto leader in Trump is MIA on rallying the base to show up on gameday. Ronna McDaniel is a painfully ineffective leader.

The messaging of the Republican Party sucks. The fundraising of the Republican Party sucks. This falls on leadership. Republicans got outworked and outspent. Using spirituality to brush off these realities serves as a blackpill of piety and nothing else.

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  1. So weak sauce of you giving the voter excuses in Ohio. No one has to show Up for me. It’s my responsibility to go & dm vote. & Vivek was fine w his criticism, towards her bc she brought it. She dished it out, now she has to take it.

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