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Caught! Bart Barber Donated To SBC Rival’s Liberal Political Opponent

The reproachful tenure continues for the liberal president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Bart Barber. Dusty Deevers, a prominent pastor in both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Christian Nationalist movement, ran for state senate in Oklahoma and won. Last week it was pointed out how Bart Barber was quoted in the oppo mailer of Deevers’ Democrat opponent, Larry Bush.


Ironically, despite troving through Twitter to find this dirt, they spell Bart Barber’s name wrong. Bart Barber then claims that he never knew who Dusty Deevers ran against (in the general election.)

Indeed Bart Barber might not have known who Larry Bush was. However, he knew exactly who the main rival of Deevers was in the race. Most political races are determined at the primary because they are not competitive in the general election. Bart Barber knew who Jean Hausheer and the Republic Sentinal exposed him on Saturday for having donated to her. Evangelical Dark Web reported at the time that Jean Hausheer was a doctor who was removed by Governor Stitt from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) board in September 2021, in a move that seems COVID related. This indicated that she was a leftwing candidate running dishonestly as a Republican. Republic Sentinal explores the liberalness of this candidate that Bart Barber endorsed.

Let me be clear. The Southern Baptist Convention does not endorse electoral candidates. The President of the Southern Baptist Convention does not endorse candidates. – Bart Barber

This is a bald-faced lie by the Southern Baptist president.

Bart Barber donated to Jean Hausheer within a fortnight of Dusty Deevers’ campaign announcement. And by what chance did he so happen to have donated to the liberal, yet formidable opponent in the race? Meaning, Bart Barber took the time to research this race before making a contribution to spite a rival in the Southern Baptist Convention.

In recent years, Dusty Deevers has been a driving force attempting to get the Southern Baptist Convention to take a biblical position on abortion that embraces personhood for the preborn. He ran, unsuccessfully, for first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2023, against an overtly liberal candidate and lost. Deevers has been a thorn in Barber’s side, calling him out publicly. This political campaign contribution to a functional Democrat might be a new low for spiteful Southern Baptist politics.

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