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Bart Barber

Bart Barber Continues To Lie Over DonateGate

Bart Barber’s latest scandal resulted from his pettiness to donate to a liberal in order to oppose a Southern Baptist rival. Thus we are calling it DonateGate. The lies of Bart Barber continue. For a recap, Bart Barber said as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, he does not endorse candidates, yet made a financial contribution, which is effectively seen as an endorsement in order to oppose Dusty Deevers.

Bart Barber maintains that in a district he doesn’t live in, in a state he doesn’t live in, he donated to a Baptist pro-life physician who just so happened to be running against someone whom Bart Barber had sharp disagreements with publicly.

No one is buying the innocent explanation. Evangelical Dark Web noted during our coverage of the primary that she was a Branch Covidian. Additionally, Republic Sentinal reported Jean Hausheer’s campaign contributions to pro-abortion candidates. Moreover, Hausheer supported vaccine mandates while Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship seminary of the SBC filed a lawsuit opposing the OSHA mandates.

Bart Barber isn’t man enough to admit he ordered the code red, even as his rationale falls flat. Bart Barber likely did not research Jean Hausheer because he wasn’t donating to her, he was donating against Deevers.

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