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Texas Baptists Delay Enforcing Female Pastor Ban

Multiple state conventions are going on for Southern Baptists. Some with promising news, others not so much. But in Texas, Southern Baptists in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) took steps to delay the enforcement of a motion to interpret churches with female pastors of any kind as not in friendly cooperation with the SBTC.

The motion was set to take effect in 2024 but was delayed to 2025. Bart Barber and his liberal cooperation committee are cited as a reason for the delay.

At the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2023, the Southern Baptist messengers passed an amendment to add a provision to the SBC constitution a clause about churches with female pastors being not in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, in what was known as the Mike Law Amendment. However these same messengers also passed a motion, made by five liberal former SBC presidents, to create a committee that will define friendly cooperation. The move, if successful, will undercut the effectiveness of the Mike Law Amendment in purging the rot in the SBC.

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  1. I still can’t understand why anyone remains in the SBC. Get out and let it die. Seems like we’re just delaying the inevitable.

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