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Ben Shapiro controlled opposition

Discerning Candace Owens vs Ben Shapiro

The civil war that has been brewing at The Daily Wire for some time erupted this week when a video of Ben Shapiro publicly denouncing Candace Owens went viral. Candace Owens has been skeptical of Zionism hence her past affinity for Kanye West. Nevertheless, her current sympathies with the Palestinian cause have run her afoul of Ben Shapiro, a co-founder of The Daily Wire, who is vehemently invested in the foreign conflict of the Israel-Gaza War. Candace Owens, strategically, employed Christian language to frame this debate as between Christianity and Judaism. But who is right in this public debate?

Elon Musk represents normies in a lot of ways, and the political right is waking up to the fact that Jewish Americans, via advocating for third-world migration and Cultural Marxism created the dynamic being used against them in several Western nations. Candace Owens has a history of being less than genuine in her views. Quite frankly, she’s in the position she’s in simply because she checks the right demographic boxes. Yet the same Judeo-Christian conservatism that created her is goading her to quit.

Candace Owens tweets a passage from the Sermon on the Mount which appears to be a reference to a call for a ceasefire, in Gaza or at The Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro was not happy with what he perceived as a subtweet.

He would get ratio’d by Candace Owens in the reply who said that he was being unprofessional.

Candace Owens is genuinely not a fan of Israel. This seems consistent and is unsurprising as many Black Americans do not view Jews as a victim class much less distinct from White people. For instance, BlazeTV’s Jason Whitlock has called out Ben Shapiro for dual loyalty.

However, Candace Owens’s framing of this as Christianity vs Judaism is far less genuine on her part, even if the internal conflict on the right is real. Candace Owens never had a conversion moment, despite a past that included rampant liberalism. In her interview with Joe Rogan, she claims she’s not an Evangelical like Charlie Kirk who believes in the bodily Resurrection.

Owens tacitly denies the bodily Resurrection because religion is “not her schtick.” Meanwhile that same year, in 2018 she was giving a convocation at Liberty University:

Owens explained how she has risen above poverty and abuse, which led to an eating disorder and drinking problem, to return to her Christian roots — ingrained in her by her grandfather.

So the objection that she’s now professed faith means little if she’s leveraged a faith she didn’t really have in the past for money and clout.

The Daily Wire is very emblematic of controlled opposition, which Ben Shapiro exemplified with his support for lockdowns, jabs, and Ukraine. And while I have no qualms about trolling Ben Shapiro with “Christ is King” I find Candace Owens to be doing just that and only that, despite a genuine difference in policy regarding Israel.

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6 Responses

  1. Seems to me that the first mistake of many is to confuse Zionism with secular humanism, atheism, paganism, progressivism, etc. Zionism is Jewish nationalism, which calls for a nation ruled by God’s law. Israel is far more secular, and it’s not even close. It is not ruled by God’s law, nor or are most of the Jewish people who fall in to the progressive camp. They promote porneia, murder of the unborn, and all manner of things that are against God’s standards. They defy and reject God’s standards, and are therefore, by definition, pretty much the opposite of Zionists.

    From there, failing to recognize that there is no Zionist state or power in existence on this planet, which should be plainly evident to any and all who see that this world is moving farther from God’s standards with every passing day, their reasoning only gets worse. And the result is most often nothing but blind racism, considering the Zionism they claim to oppose doesn’t really exist.

    In fact, from a Biblical standpoint, that atheist/humanist/pagan camp should not be called Jews. Since they’ve rejected and blatantly defied God and His commandments, they are no longer Jews, and have lost the right to be called Jews. We should honor that scripture by calling them what they are, whatever it may be – atheists, pagans, humanists, darwinists – whatever they truly are – but we should not call them Jews just because they claim to be Jews by birth. IMO, they’re at least a significant part, if not all, of the synagogue of Satan, foretold in Revelation, who claim to be Jews but are not. So criticize them for what they are, rather than putting any and all Jews in the same camp.

    1. The problems in this world, the conflict, the injustices, the wickedness, the evil, are all the result of sin. As Christians, we should understand this fact better than any.

      “We” should be able to call out sin for what sin is without ever using the word “Jew” or “Zionist” or “Black” or “White” or any other such label or categorization that is not itself sinful. If it is not a sin, then don’t treat it as such.

      Those who claim to be Christians, on any and all sides, who can’t seem to call out sin for what sin is without resorting to such partial categorizations, which inevitably must bear false witness against many, need to check themselves and repent. If you can’t seem to call sin out for what sin is without using the word “Jew”, you have a problem.

      The same goes for many Jews who can’t seem to take criticism of men like Soros without falsely accusing others of antisemitism and/or racism. That paranoid overreaction, which also lumps all Jews into the same category in a manner that bears false witness, only fuels the conspiracy that there is some sort of secret cabal of Jews, where all Jews in existence are really secretly in complete agreement about anything and everything in existence, and the public differences are just a conspiratorial ruse purposed to manipulate and control all of mankind.

      This is what happens when we start leaning on our own understanding, forgetting the Gospel, focusing too much on the concerns of this world and this life, and forgetting that the problems with this fallen world are the result of one thing and one thing only – SIN

      Above all, let no argument conflict with the Gospel.

    2. What needs to be remembered is that Zionism may be referred to as a “Jewish nationalism” to be ruled by ‘god’, but the god they serve is Lucifer. Why do you think so many in US leadership on both sides of the isle are Zionists? The Talmud is not biblical in the least. This is a luciferian movement to set up a one world religion and rule. The Zionists claim physical Israel roots, but are not.

      1. Junkyard, pay attention. If they deny the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and do not keep His commandments, but are instead ruled by Lucifer, then they are not Zionists, by definition, and from a Biblical standpoint, are not even Jews.

        I don’t care what they try to call themselves. They aren’t. Such individuals are no more Jewish than a transvestite is the opposite sex.

        And we should no more call someone a Jew who is not than we should call a transvestite by their so-called “preferred pronouns”. There’s no excuse for bearing false witness. And someone like Soros – he is not a Jew, he is an atheist, and to call him a Jew is insulting to the Lord, whom he long ago denied and rejected.

        The same goes for the word Zionist. If they don’t live up to it, then don’t call them Zionist.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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