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Matt Walsh False Gospel

Confronting Matt Walsh’s False Gospel

The Daily Wire is top three in prominence in Conservative Media which is often dubbed Con Inc. However, what’s worth noting about The Daily Wire is the undersized Christian presence in an organization with a disproportionately more Christian audience. Ben Shapiro is notably a Jew, therefore not Christian. Andrew Klavan supports sodomy. Candace Owens denies the bodily Resurrection to appear cool on Joe Rogan. Jeremy Boreing threw a Christian reporter under the bus for covering The Chosen’s gay flag controversy, defending Dallas Jenkins. But apparently, many were unaware of Matt Walsh’s false gospel. So it’s time to set the record straight.

Back in 2019, I listened to an interview that Matt Walsh did with Allie Stuckey on Blaze TV. And Walsh’s sophistry in arguing alternative pathways to Heaven stuck with me. This isn’t about the Protestant vs Papist debate. Rather, Matt Walsh’s arguments are rooted in Moral Relativism more akin to Joseph Fletcher’s Situational Ethics.

Matt Walsh appears to be deriving his theology on hell from CS Lewis, which in and of itself is a bad idea. CS Lewis believes that hell is locked from the inside. This is untrue, as God is the judge, jury, and executioner. He sentences people to hell. But the more key understanding of Lewis that Matt Walsh has taken to heart is that love cannot exist in hell, so what then do we do with people who have genuinely loved? This too is faulty because God is present even in hell, contrary to popular assumption.

Matt Walsh appeals to the dead babies argument which also seems to contradict Catholic teachings on infanticide and baptism. But in the ultimate extreme example, Matt Walsh points to a story from the Holocaust where a mother died comforting her children. However self-sacrificial the mother may have been, Matt Walsh is arguing that by works a mother was able to achieve salvation despite conscientiously rejecting Jesus Christ on earth. Matt Walsh builds upon the dead baby question to make exceptions that clearly contradict Scripture.

Matt Walsh argues that love is the highest good and that people generally go to hell for disregard for fellow man which Walsh believes is far more common than we think. He uses The Rich Man and Lazarus as his support. Yet even in this passage, the rich man is told that if someone failed to believe in Scripture they would not believe even if the dead rose. So the rich man’s unbelief condemned him and would doom his brothers.

Fletcher emphasized the Christian principle of agape love, which is a selfless, unconditional love for others. He argued that this love should guide ethical decision-making. Situational Ethics rejects the idea of absolute moral rules and argues for the relativity of ethics. According to Fletcher, ethical decisions should be context-specific and based on the principle of love rather than adherence to fixed rules. This is akin to what Matt Walsh articulates which is a false gospel.

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