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Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Drinks Own Blood During Communion

Kenneth Copeland operates in Clownworld and is more of a television personality than an influential pastor. Yet a recent clip of him performing communion went viral when he mixed his own blood into the element.

Pastor Garett Kell made the clip go viral and called it witchcraft and blasphemy. Protestia posted a video of the fuller context.

Indeed this is a perversion of the sacrament. Kenneth Copeland is not only drinking his blood mixed with cran-grape juice but someone else’s.

“Now his blood is in my body. It’s in there. His blood is mixed with my blood.”

Kenneth Copeland is trying to make a point about covenants that people in the East understand that people in the West do not. It’s worth noting that Copeland originally posted this on TikTok, so he wanted this clip out there.

It remains possible that the entire stunt was a ruse, meaning the two men do not actually cut themselves and add their blood to the Cran-Grape juice. That is hardly a mitigating factor as Copeland states he wants you to think of this when you do communion.

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3 Responses

  1. It seems this charlatan has one foot over hell and the other on a banana peel. I have never seen anything so depraved from someone who claims the name of Christ. His fleeced flock must be totally deceived if they continue to follow this guy. I do hope he repents and leave the ministry–however, if he is not going to, I pray the Lord will remove him as He sees fit. There are souls that follow this person who are also headed to perdition because of this man’s delusions.

  2. It’s all fake. When Copeland pours his cup into the other one you can see that there is not blood or cut on his palm. He’s a fraud.

  3. The whole point of the New Covenant is that our blood is not involved! Jesus shed His blood for us. All we have to do is accept His free gift.

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