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Nikki Haley Supports Transgenderism

Nikki Haley has thus far proven to be the most woke candidate running for President within the Republican Party. Her history of supporting fake hate crimes and the Black Lives Matter narrative is well documented. She is also running as a pro-abortion Republican. However, her views on transgenderism came under renewed scrutiny due to her purported rise in the race. Matt Wolking, a pro-DeSantis PAC staffer circulated a video of Nikki Haley opposing laws that ban transgendering kids. However, the fuller context is more revealing and less exonerating.

But first, let’s rewind the clock to Nikki Haley bragging about strongarming Republican legislators in South Carolina to oppose a bathroom bill on Fox News.

In June 2023, Nikki Haley appeared on CBS Mornings the day after a town hall event. She was asked to quantify a connection between suicide and boys in girls’ sports. She didn’t provide a substantive answer to the question, but she did reveal her belief in transgenderism. She expressed her appreciation for the struggle of transvestites but stated that the whole of society shouldn’t be made to share their burden. Rather than framing the issue as boys are boys and girls are girls, otherwise known as reality, Nikki Haley’s limited opposition to transgenderism’s agenda is based on “girl power.” Men who enter women’s spaces cause discomfort and harm, which can lead to suicide, seems to be Haley’s argument. Yet she was not saying this as governor or even last year. What basis does Nikki Haley have to assert that men cannot become women? None. So if she believes boys can become girls, then how does her girl power argument not apply to trannies?

The next question was on what care a 12-year-old girl who wants to be a boy should receive. Nikki Haley comes out and says that laws should not prevent parents from transgendering their children. Her stance is one where parents can sexually abuse their kids by subjecting them to a Big Pharma science experiment. She later reiterates that there should be a limiting factor on permanent procedures when the child turns 18. This may give the impression that Nikki Haley opposes transing kids. However, puberty blockers, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and top surgery are deemed “not permanent” to groomers. This leaves bottom surgery as the one threshold that Nikki Haley would not support a 17-year-old receiving.

Nikki Haley is frequently demonstrating that she is a leftwing candidate who will govern as a Democrat if elected President. This makes her untenable for a Christian to support.

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