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Phil Vischer Denies Knowing Rob Reiner’s Involvement With Anti-Christian Nationalist Film

The fallout of the “God and Country” film being put out by Rob Reiner has led to some of the multitude of Big Eva sellouts in the film intended to attack Christians for being politically involved to tout and defend their involvement. Phil Vischer, the “Veggie Tales Guy” and the cohost of The Holy Post Podcast, defended his association with Jewish atheist Rob Reiner’s project by stating that he had no knowledge that Rob Reiner was connected to the film in any meaningful way.



An executive producer of a film has a wide swath of possible roles to play. Phil Vischer is suggesting here that Rob Reiner was brought on as an executive producer to market the film’s theatrical release.

This is easily debunked, as Colin Smothers clearly showed. According to IMDb:

In 2022, Partland was tapped by Academy Award winning Director/Producer, Rob Reiner, to direct a feature documentary about the current rise of Christian Nationalism in the United States. Joining forces with renown New York Times columnist Katherine Stewart, the film, GOD & COUNTRY, goes deep into the history of the American Christianity and its role in our civic and cultural identity. The film unpacks the drift of evangelicalism from a religious to a largely political movement and its centrality to the January 6th insurrection.

Dan Partland was brought on by Rob Reiner, not the other way around. Moreover, Rob Reiner was the originator of this project, as reported in May 2022.

The idea that professing Christians blindly took part in Rob Reiner’s movie not knowing his extensive involvement in the film that he funded is hard to believe. Rob Reiner was able to recruit the usual Big Eva whores for this project, and the no questions asked mentality of that business is Phil Vischer’s only defense for his oblivious incredulity.

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