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Janet Mefferd, Michael O’Fallon Spread Baseless Claims Of Satanic Statue Defacement Being Media Coordinated

After the Republic Sentinal broke the details about how the satanic statue was decapitated in the Iowa state Capitol, prominent anti-Christian Nationalist media figures took to social media to condemn the act as media coordination of Ben Zeisloft, the reporter who broke the story.

Janet Mefferd made the initial insinuation, and then Michael O’Fallon stated that the memes made following the event prove that Ben Zeisloft coordinated it.

Myth Debunked

Ben Zeisloft quickly set the record straight.

Davis Younts has a history of being a contributor to the Republic Sentinal, so for him to give them the exclusive is exceedingly unsurprising. As he is a well-known lawyer on the political right, it is also unsurprising that Michael Cassidy would contract him for his defense.

But instead of admitting they were wrong for spreading malicious rumors, they both dug in their heels.

Journalism vs Biblical Morality

There exist journalism practices and standards that are considered industry ethics, but it is not sin to violate them.

Mefferd states that knowing and not reporting would have been firable. Yet if the mission is to glorify God, doing exactly what Janet Mefferd accused Ben Ziesloft of doing was completely within the bounds of God’s law. As Ben Zeisloft in no way approached violating God’s law, Christians should not be hung up on secular journalism standards written by liberals.

Journalism is not and has never been a neutral entity. It has always been a means of activism and searching for truth. Janet Mefferd pretends that there was an old-school that was neutral facts-based reporting, but such was a myth of a highly programmed generation. America’s history is one of overtly partisan newspapers and any trend otherwise is a novel LARP.

Christians in media should not strap themselves to a suicide pact of journalism ethics written by people who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

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