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Our Most Read Articles From 2023

2023 was the best year yet for Evangelical Dartk Web. Our most-read articles are a reflection of our search engine optimization and curation from Conservative news aggregators and other discernment ministries. Here they are:

10. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Too White According To Professor

Conservative aggregators picked this story up and ran with it. Being the first to cover this was a huge advantage at the time.

9. Mike Bickle Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Denounced By IHOP

A major scandal involving a major figure in the NAR movement. Despite happening rather late in the year, this story managed to crack the top ten.

8. Is Jennie Allen A False Teacher?

I forgot this was written in 2023, but it’s not a surprise that this made the top ten as evergreen content which calls out a rarely called out false teacher.

7. Is Kevin Young A False Teacher?

Kevin Young is rather big on social media, so I wrote the first-ever discernment article documenting him as a false teacher. This verdict gets posted on social media more frequently, thus leading to higher traffic.

6. Why Andy Stanley Is A False Teacher?

It’s pretty self-explanatory why this content got a ton of traffic in 2023.

5. Seacoast Church Exposed: The Liberal Megachurch of Tim Scott, Nancy Mace

Steve Deace posted this story on all his social media generating a ton of traffic to this story. It was also published in the year Tim Scott ran for President and Nancy Mace became a well-known member of the House of Representatives. When Steve Deace touted this story he went on the offensive against Side B Theology as taught by Preston Sprinkle. So this story had a tangible impact.

4. The Asbury Revival Narrative Is Crumbling

This story critiquing the Asbury Revival got a lot of traffic while this event captivated millions.

3. He Gets Us Exposed: The Money and Marketing behind the $20 Million SuperBowl Ads

This was the best deep dive on the He Gets Us Campaign you will find on the internet. As I recall, we were timing this article for the Super Bowl and this move paid off with a lot of views.

2. Is Tony Evans A False Teacher?

He’s a prominent pastor and this type of content is generally evergreen for SEO.

1. David Jeremiah Hospitalized Over Unknown Virus

We were seemingly the only ones who covered this story, which we got as a tip from a fan of David Jeremiah. You would think more outlets would cover the hospitalization of one of America’s most-watched pastors. Still, being the only ones who covered it, we stood to benefit from the traffic. This story had a happy update.

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