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SBC President Bart Barber Comes Clean About Abuse Narrative Lie

Recently, FBC Jacksonville hosted Bart Barber for a Q&A session, where Bart Barber was asked many questions. This is an instance where the president of the Southern Baptist Convention interacted with the pews of conservative Southern Baptists who apparently asked him some pointed questions. In the Q&A, Bart Barber finally admitted what we’ve known all along: the Guidepost Report did not find any evidence that the SBC or the SBC Executive Committee had failed to report or engaged in a cover up of sex abuse.

This was plain to anyone who actually read the report and not the headlines. The report revealed a scandal regarding Johnny Hunt which was previously unknown. However, this has been the subject of a defamation lawsuit. Other than that, the SBC spent millions on a report that found nothing on the subject of its scope: sex abuse. Yet the Southern Baptist Convention obsessively used this narrative to install liberals in high positions of power, most notably Barber Barber, the convention’s president.

Bart Barber used his posture on this issue to gain worldy acclaim with an interview on 60 Minutes where he lied about the findings of the report.

But court documents from the spring of last year would contradict Barber’s narrative, The Southern Baptist Convention denounced the Guidepost Report in court documents. This was done as the report is now the subject of two defamation lawsuits against the denomination.

Bart Barber told Southern Baptist on Sunday that the SBC paid for the independent investigation that ultimately did not find any wrongdoing by the Executive Committee or the convention.

“What the investigation found after looking hard to see if they could find a time when the convention or the executive committee knew about abuse and failed to report it, or facilitated an abuser being able to continue to abuse, they didn’t find any instances where the convention or the executive committee did that… That would lead me sometimes to say we know the Southern Baptist Convention has never has never made a mistake in terms of not reporting abuse.”

So the Southern Baptist Convention is not a hive of sex abuse and sex abuse cover ups according to the people who labeled it as such before the world.

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  1. The left (Satan) always uses such narratives to influence the female vote, and in turn, can count on many females and leftist males to use such narratives to deceive and influence others who should know better. This tactic started in the garden of Eden, and was recorded for us.

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