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January 2024 EDW Report

January was the biggest month ever for Evangelical Dark Web. The continued momentum and growth of the site drove this. And then we broke the Alistair Begg story. I must say how we were surprised just how much this story blew up. We knew it was big, but this story reached even liberal Christian outlets and Conservative Inc. The impact of this story led to the cancelation of Alistair Begg from radio stations and ShepCon. Evangelical Dark Web is perhaps the leading ministry combatting the compromise on homosexuality in the church whether it be Side B Theology or various pastors, which this month included Begg. Gay weddings are not a hard issue, and we need to stop pretending that they are.

Quick Stats


In January, we published a verdict on John MacArthur. The next verdict will be on TD Jakes.


This was the best month for the channel also. 10% of our subs came in January alone from mostly the David Platt story from late last month or the Alistair Begg story we broke and did subsequent videos on.

Book Announcement

I am happy to announce that I am working on a book titled Winning Not Winsome. In January, I completed another round of editing whereby I had the robots proofread. And believe me, they found a lot of errors, to the point where I question hiring a proofreader moving forward when AI can do it better. This round of edits also came with a modernization.


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“Patreon” System

Evangelical Dark Web has a tier subscription service. A lot of competitors have this (a term of endearment in this case) and for good reason. The purpose of this is not to make the founder of this site rich. This is a labor of love and will remain that way. The fog of Spiritual Warfare persists for those of us on the ground. We need accurate reporting that mainstream Christian websites are not providing either because they simp for celebrities, sold out to liberalism, or both. Consider joining. This will allow access to all the Evangelical Dark Web has to offer, like polls for the next discernment verdict.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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