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My Gay Uncle and Me Book cover

Jonathan Merritt Announces Gay Grooming Children’s Book

Jonathan Merritt is the homosexual son of James Merritt, the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. In 2021, James Merritt endorsed the preaching of his openly homosexual son at a mainline church in New York. The preaching that James Merritt called “brilliant and faithful to the gospel and the second coming” was trite, new-age, and contained a false gospel. This issue ultimately forced James Merritt to pre-emptively resign from joining the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary staff. But James Merritt made a comeback in 2023 where he led the charge on the floor of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention to fight for a procedural move to protect female pastors in the SBC. Now his son is promoting his homo-grooming book for small children, titled, My Gungle and Me.

According to the description on Amazon:

In this inclusive and heartwarming picture book by award-winning writer Jonathan Merritt, Henry Higgleston struggles with being deemed an oddball by the other kids at school. But when his fabulous gay uncle arrives for a weekend with his pup Jimmy Chew in tow, Guncle is on a mission to teach Henry that what makes him different makes him special. This joyful story that celebrates family and self-acceptance will make every kid feel seen and loved.

The book contains a glowing review from New Age priestess and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson who stated:

Jonathan Merritt has tapped into that same dimension of powerful inspiration which touches not only the hearts of children but also adults. This book is amazing!

It is even categorized in the homosexual reading category. Merritt announced on Instagram the inspiration for his “inclusive” book.

“Why don’t you write a book about being a Guncle?” she said—and a bomb went off in my chest. THAT was the book I was meant to write!

Over the last two years, I forged this book with intentionality, creativity and joy. And finally—FINALLY—on May 14th, I get to share it with all of you.

MY GUNCLE AND ME tells the story of Henry Higgleston, a kid who struggles with feeling like an oddball and outsider at school. But when his fabulous Guncle arrives for the weekend, the pair take an adventure that opens Henry’s eyes to the beauty of his uniqueness and the liberating power of self-acceptance.

I wrote this story for any kid, big or small, who has ever felt different. I can’t wait for you to read it, but first I need your help.

As many Christians online pointed out, “guncle” means groomer uncle. And this story spells it out.

Yike. This book should come with a monkeypox vaccine.

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