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Michael Lofton Talmud

YouTube Apologist Michael Lofton Defends The Talmud’s Blasphemy

Michael Lofton is a Papist Apologist who runs a prominent YouTube channel, Reason and Theology, with 75.8K subs. He is one of Pope Francis’s biggest online defenders, and now he’s defending the blasphemy found in the Talmud. From observation, he seems to be a punching bag among non-Papists online, and it’s easy to see why after watching him dishonestly interpret the Talmud. In a video titled, Jesus in the Talmud, Lofton argues that the evidence is merely circumstantial in its references to Christ.

Beginning with the famous text about Jesus the Nazarene boiling in excrement, Lofton argues that this is not referring to the Jesus of the Christian faith but some other Jesus of Nazareth. Lofton argues that the whole of the Talmud proves it’s talking about a different Jesus because its details do not line up with what Christians know about Him. So therefore he discussed the parts of the Talmud that attribute sorcery to Jesus and accuse him of idolatry, Lofton denies that this refers to Christ because He did none of those things.

Moreover, the Talmud is not Scripture. It’s a compilation of writings from several authors over many centuries. Because it’s not inspired, there are going to be contradictions and internal inconsistencies. Lofton doesn’t seem to recognize this, so he attempts to use one part of the Talmud with the least specifically identifying Christ to determine the context of the passages that specifically refer to Jesus the Nazarene.

He argues that the Jesus referred to in the Talmud was active nearly a century after Christ’s earthly ministry. Surely Lofton would not pardon Islam for its Christological statements on the basis of “not referring to the real Jesus” because of contradiction both with Scripture and internally.

Lofton refuses to ponder how villains would retcon history, and his dishonesty led to his video getting ratioed both in the dislikes and the comment section where most of the prominent comments call him out. Michael Lofton read what the pagans wrote about Christ, but rather than defend Christ, he defended the pagans.

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