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Big Eva Beats Drums Of War As Ukraine Suffers Massive Defeat

Towards the end of World War II, the best German pilots were either killed in action or alive in an Ally prison camp. Similarly, a famous Japanese pilot was ordered to become a kamikaze pilot. Admiral Yamamoto was long dead, killed in action. Yet these powers carried on determined to fight an unwinnable war. In Hitler’s defense, the German propaganda about Bolshevism was mostly correct and indeed a justification to make a last stand in Berlin. However, Ukraine cannot justify continuing its war against Russia, in the face of similar manpower concerns.

2024 has been a disaster for Ukraine. Over the weekend, they lost a major battle in Avdeevka where they withdrew to avoid complete encirclement. In 9 years of war, this area was one of the most fortified areas of Ukraine. This was the biggest defeat since Bakhmut. Following Bakhmut, Ukraine responded with their failed counteroffensive which saw unstrategic gains. Russia is currently launching a counterattack at the only village Ukraine captured over the summer.

America’s Military Industrial Complex wants this war to maintain profits after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Yet the Evangelical Industrial Complex, more commonly referred to as Big Eva wants this war to defend the post-war consensus. This is about democracy is good and Putin is Hitler, as Russell Moore certainly frames it as.

And while Russell Moore is lying about Tucker Carlson calling him a “breastfeeding Christian” and not a “breast-beating Christian,” his predecessor, Richard Land, and his soyfaced mini-me, Daniel Darling coauthored a piece at Christian Post lobbying House Speaker Mike Johnson to bring the Senate’s foreign aid bill to the floor for a vote.

We are nearing the two-year mark of this war, and while the U.S. and Europe have lent significant support, Ukraine is still badly in need of replenishing its weapons supplies.

We understand that Americans are war-weary from Iraq and Afghanistan, and we understand that the federal deficit is ballooning out of control and there is understandable caution about spending more. However, $95.3 billion is a fraction of the federal deficit and investing in Ukraine now is the best guarantee that we DON’T have to invest American troops in combat defending NATO later.

If we allow Ukraine to fall to Russia, it strengthens Putin, who has designs on at least the Baltic states and Poland, NATO allies that treaty would require far more than the mere weapons we are now currently giving Ukraine.

The writing of Ukraine’s defeat at Avdeevka was on the wall when this piece was published, as they were operationally encircled. Additionally, the war has been going on for nearly ten years, not two. As previously referenced, we can send the tanks, planes, and advanced weapons systems to Ukraine, but who will man them? How long will it take to train them?

Daniel Darling and Richard Land attempt to make a fiscal argument about return on investment, but deliberately bypass presenting a case that Ukraine can win the war. So instead they resort to fearmongering about Russia invading Poland and China invading Taiwan. The former, Putin has made clear he’s disinterested in. The latter is too costly for China which could buy Taiwan’s elections and subvert their government without incurring international sanctions.

The neocon platitudes disregard human life and present a poor public witness for those in Big Eva. But they will continue to lie because they are professionals.

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