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Not Gay Jared Monroe Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Sue Steven Crowder

Steven Corwder’s departure from the Blaze and subsequent fallout with the Daily Wire certainly made the beginning of 2023 a hectic year for his brand. But then his ugly divorce was announced and Dave Landau, his former cohost, made public comments about the horrible working conditions at Lowder With Crowder. But Landau is not the only former employee with beef, far from it. Jared Monroe was a cohost several years ago who went by Not Gay Jared on set.

Despite many years since Monroe’s departure from LWC, Steven Crowder is still hounding him with cease and desist letters and legal notices demanding he turn over documents and communications.

Jared Monroe states that he was pressured to sign a predatory and costly severance contract which included aggressive nondisclosure, nondisparagement, and noncompete clauses. Despite Monroe’s attempt to quit LWC, Crowder made it difficult and impossible to work at all using his skillsets. Steven Crowder also got Jared Monroe fired from an employer after leaving LWC.

In this situation, Jared Monroe praises God for providing for his family to get him through this period as he was raising small children. But now he wants to fight back and help others who have worked for Steven Crowder. His GoFundMe states:

I’m Jared Monroe. A former employer is legally abusing and attempting to intimidate me into silence. The fees to protect my family are now in the 10s of thousands, and RISING every day. I need your help to stop this abuse, to help me protect my wife and children from financial ruin, and to fight back. How? By dissolving my Unconstitutional NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)/Non Disparagement Agreement. I didn’t choose this battle. But if I do not fight back, I fear I will be subjected to legal harassment into perpetuity. I simply do not have the funds to battle this alone, so I need your help. Every donation, no matter how small, will greatly help me and my family as we fight this abusive case.

In general, courts tend to uphold NDAs when they are clear, unambiguous, and entered into voluntarily by both parties. However, the enforceability of an NDA can be challenged if there are issues with its terms if one party was coerced into signing, or if the information in question is considered to be in the public interest.

Jared Monroe has raised $68,335 as of the writing of this article. This is a developing story.

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