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Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder’s Sidekick Responds To Jared Monroe

After Jared Monroe announced his crowdfunding campaign for a lawsuit against his former employer (of several years ago) Steven Crowder, Crodwer’s cohost responded on Wednesday to give their side of the story. Gerald Morgan, AKA Gerald A, first accused Monroe of crowdfunding for a nonexistent lawsuit as they announced that Crowder was now suing him. Moreover, Gerald Morgan accused Jared Monroe of interfering with Crowder’s divorce proceedings as the Crowder divorce is undergoing mediation.

Jared Monroe has been actively assisting Hilary Crowder and her family during the ugly publicized divorce. Gerald Morgan argued that this was a violation of his NDA to assist Hilary Crowder in a negative PR campaign against Steven Crowder.

The majority of the video was spent by Gerald Morgan detailing how generous the terms of Steven Corwder’s divorce offers have been Currently, Steven Crowder is paying Hilary $25K a month and is also paying her legal fees (in which the estate pays in Texas law).

Two lawsuits are being referenced the divorce and a separate lawsuit of Louder With Crowder LLC against Hilary Crowder and her family. However, what is neglected is that Steven Crowder is seeking full custody of the children and Hilary Crowder is not accepting the generous alimony so as to maintain custody. So Morgan is framing Hilary Crowder as greedy, ignoring the more pressing concerns of the children.





The evidence laid out by Louder With Crowder is not very compelling. It also did not address any of the claims made by Jared Monroe about being fired from a job after he had left Crowder because they strongarmed the employer. They also didn’t dispute the toxic workplace charges, except to say that Jared Monroe was a part of that.

Neither Steven nor Hilary Crowder look like good people in this. This incident is a case study of how divorce is uglier than fixing a broken marriage.

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