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Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins Is The Atheist Bruce Jenner

Richard Dawkins went viral this week for describing himself as a cultural Christian who in no way believes any of the central claims of Christianity. While many have seen this as a positive development, the reality is much darker. Richard Dawkins is simply an atheist Bruce Jenner, a remorseful villain.

Following the Obergefell Supreme Court decision, transgenderism which had been attached to homosexuality for years at that point became mainstreamed. And the number one man responsible for mainstreaming transgenderism was Bruce Jenner. During an era where a rising Instagram made the Kardashians a family of intrigue, Bruce Jenner decided he wanted a piece of the plastic boob action himself and became a tranny. He was promptly rewarded for this decision. He won an ESPY at ESPN where Brett Favre went viral for not applauding enthusiastically enough. More relevantly, he was doing celebrity golf tournaments, competing with women.

Unsurprisingly, Bruce Jenner was quite successful competing against women in golf. So what changed? Aside from his vanity campaign for governor in 2022, not much. Yet now, Bruce Jenner has fancied himself a champion of protecting women’s sports after years of being the most prominent man in the world using his fetish to compete with women.

Likewise, Richard Dawkins is a vehement atheist who spent decades attacking Christianity and somehow has a nostalgic longing for a Christianity of songs and holidays but no conviction.

Dawkins has no intentions of believing in Christianity or even God. He is just miffed at the rise of Islam in Europe. Yet his criticism of Muslims are exceedingly gay. Dawkins considers Islam barbaric for its treatment of women and gays. In other words, Dawkins wants feminism and sexual degeneracy rampant in his version of a Christian culture.

Ironically, there is a secular solution to this whereby England could halt all immigration and expel all Muslims akin to Spain during its golden age. But perhaps, Dawkins is not ready to renounce his other god: democracy. Instead, he longs for a culture he spent decades attacking.

Just like Bruce Jenner, there is no repentance and no serious acknowledgment of folly. Jenner is still a tranny, and Dawkins is an atheist. Both pretend to take bold stances for what is right, despite being emblematic of what is wrong. Another example of the remorseful villain is JK Rowling who cultivated a feminist and degenerate fanbase by retconning Dumbledore to be homosexual. JK Rowling would then draw the line at transgenderism which is ultimately a homosexual fetish.

Men like Richard Dawkins and Bruce Jenner are even further from the Kingdom than prior to remorse, perhaps because we reward their inadequate critiques of the problems they contributed to.

It would be great if the remorseful villains were the only ones suffering from the consequences of their folly, but alas people and society at large still suffer. In the Bible, Judas has a great ending.

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