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Top Democrat Influencer Defends Pedophilia

In the world of social media, perhaps no activists have risen from reply troll to prominent activist quite as well as the Krassenstein brothers. Their incessant replies to then-president Donald Trump and shady astroturfing methods have made them quite successful in liberal politics. Even Elon Musk, the ruler of Twitter, now X, has legitimized their voices in the online discourse.

Ashely Biden made allegations against her father and now-President Joe Biden that involved him inappropriately showering with her, in her leaked diary. Ed Krassenstein took to social media to defend Joe Biden from the allegations anyway.

Krassenstein insists that the diary has not been proven authentic even though the DOJ has criminally prosecuted those who stole the diary, which would require the diary to be authentic.

Moreover, Krassenstein would take the bizarre tactic of defending the action of a father showering with his daughter (screenshot below).


The concluding argument about age is complete conjecture. Given that she was taking a shower and the context was part of a list of examples of being sexualized at a young age, there is no innocent explanation.

The Democrats are full speed ahead with Joe Biden, despite this pedophilic baggage. So it is to be expected that Democrat influencers would attempt to obfuscate this behavior and Big Eva would remain silent on the subject of showering with your daughters.

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