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Yes, Don Lemon’s “Marriage” Should Be Outlawed

I made some liberals mad on the interweb, so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for absolutely nothing.

Don Lemon celebrated his “marriage” to a White man, despite a previous hatred of White men in general. While many Christians took the virility of this post to oppose homosexual unions, I want to take the conversation further, forcing the Overton Window back to a more sane time in the hopes of a more sane future.

Plain and simple: homosexuality should be outlawed, and by outlawed, I mean criminalized. Anything less than that is a liberal position derived from generations of compromise with evil. It is within my lifetime that the liberal Supreme Court struck down anti-sodomy laws that existed since our nation’s founding as part of English Common Law, a Christian legal system. There is no biblical argument for the legalization of homosexuality; however, Leviticus 18, Leviticus 20, and Romans 1 all support criminalization, to name a few passages.

While Christians around the globe, especially in Africa, ramp up their efforts to protect their people from degeneracy, Americans are aspiring for previously compromised positions with no intentions of advancing further. Instead, we need to shift the Overton Window.

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