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Ruslan KD gay conference

Ruslan KD Headlines Pro-Gay, Apostate Conference

Ruslan KD is a prominent Christian YouTuber with 564K, which is quite the feat, making him one of the largest Christian commentary YouTubers. Although at many times his theology leaves much to be desired, his upcoming speaking gig raises questions about his commitment to orthodoxy. Ruslan KD is slated to speak at Preston Sprinkle’s Theology In The Raw Conference later this month.

The Theology In The Raw Conference is a gathering of Side B Theology teachers and people who glamorize apostasy under the pretentious millennial branding of “deconstruction.” On the Side B Theology theme, the speakers include Preston Sprinkle, the host of the conference; Art Pereira, a Revoice staffer and frequent associate of Sprinkle; Brenna Blain who is speaking at Revoice 24; and Greg Coles, Sprinkle’s right-hand man. Tim Whitaker runs the social media account, The New Evangelicals, glamorizing liberalism and apostasy. Mike Cosper of Christianity Today is also a featured speaker.

Max Lucado is perhaps the biggest name in the lineup. Lucado compromised on homosexuality and supported the He Gets Us Campaign.  Joshua Harris, of apostasy fame, no longer appears to be on the roster. Ruslan KD having over half a million subs on YouTube is arguably even bigger than Lucado’s millions of book sales, as this conference appears positioned for a younger audience. Thus Ruslan’s willingness to associate with these false teachers and apostates in such a high-profile way is a reproach on his ministry.

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