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Only Fans Girl Debate

Pearl Davis vs The Prodigal Daughter

A few weeks ago, Evangelical Dark Web covered the OnlyFans ethot turned Christian debating the merits and reasons to be skeptical of her sincerity. Recently, Nala (which is a stage name) appeared on Michael Knowles for an in-depth interview.

Blaming Parents

Nala is quick to liken herself to the Prodigal Son and is miffed that she did not receive the warm welcome that the biblical character received. In fact, she shared how her parents are getting divorced a second time. Yet before all of this, she uses the Love Languages to argue that her parents did not love her effectively and that her acting out as a teenager was a “cry for love” which was the advice of a counselor she went to.

In this interview, she expressed how her parents disowned her for doing pornography which is a biblical response. Yet she also insists that if someone had told her the “right way” not to go down this path, she would have listened, even though she describes herself as rebellious and stubborn.

An inconsistency appears to be in prior interviews she brags about funder her father who was a pastor at one point. But this detail from the Whatever Podcast is not hinted at on Michael Knowles.

A Content Creator

Nala is a masterful marketer and she attributes her success in Only Fans to her carving out the “unique” niche of weebs and gamers. At numerous times in the interview, she states that she is a leader and has a CEO mentality.

Despite perception, her body count was considerably lower than one would expect, three in five years, which she passed off as numerous men. One of them even went into homosexuality to tap that market. But her brand as a nymphomaniac cheater was a facade.

Currently, she touted her and her husband creating a TikTok agency to manage creator talent.

Hero Husband

Nala recently got married to a video game streamer named Jordan who led her to Christ before getting married on Resurrection Sunday. The announcement was made public on Michael Knowles. It is when talking about him that Nala sounds most sincere.

Enter Pearl Davis

Pearl Davis is a famous online grifter who speaks to the grievances of disaffected men and won our 2023 Grifter of the Year award. Pearl Davis has routinely made it a point that women cannot be saved from pornography.

Pearl Davis wants to lecture Christians on whose profession of faith is credible when Pearl Davis is a lapsed Papist who openly disagrees with God’s word and message.


Her disdain for the Prodigal Son, a parable that showcases how those in God’s fold will be redeemed, reveals just how far from the Kingdom she is. The personal hypocrisy of denouncing the value of a woman because of age while living as an aging single woman, denouncing a false convert for grifting while appealing to religion for her grift, and supporting a man like Andrew Tate as not too far gone while a woman while disavowing a woman who left the lifestyle that Tate made his fortune in is astounding.

Final Thoughts

It’s a reasonable criticism to say that Nala does a poor job of warning women from entering the porn industry. After all, talking about money not buying happiness is not compelling to people who never made $9 million in front-loaded labor income (as opposed to passive income). Unlike the Prodigal Son, Nala did not lose everything. She gained the whole world, got rich, redeemed her soul, and got married. Unfortunately, this is not a cautionary tale.

Even the depths of her depravity were mitigated in this interview.

Given that the Only Fans is finally deleted, she has embraced modesty and marriage, her faith appears sincere. However, she needs to get out of the spotlight, because she is not, by design, a leader in the church or Christianity. Her testimony while something we should praise God for is also something where the message could get easily distorted because her aforementioned marketing skills are well in play here.

If like Paul she spends years studying in Antioch and then emerges, her testimony will be far more compelling. Nala’s testimony is about God’s mercy for sparing the sinner the most drastic of natural consequences while redeeming their soul. However, the so-called Baby Christian is not equipped for celebrity. We do not want another Kanye situation.

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