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Tucker Carlson vs Israel

Tucker Carlson has been all over the place both literally and figuratively. But one thing Tucker Carlson has been steadfast on is his skepticism of Zionism and opposition to Israel. This week Tucker Carlson landed an interview to drive a wedge between Christians and Israel by having a guest who would showcase how anti-Christian the Israeli regime is.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Muther Isaac who is a Palestinian Christian and an Evangelical Lutheran pastor. Muther Isaac has a shady background in working with false teachers, particularly ones who advance wokeness. Whether Munther Isaac is woke himself or allies himself with anyone who would hear his message is unclear. But Carlson gave him a massive platform to reach Evangelical Christians whom Isaac claims are unhelpful to the plight of Middle Eastern Christians whether in Israel, Palestine, Syria, or Iraq. It is well-known that Christians in the Middle East oppose Israel; for instance, Syrian Christians back Assad whom Israel bombs regularly without provocation. Isaac’s main message is that Christians are supporting the oppression of Christians from Israel.

Munther Isaac told stories of Israelis bombing churches and shooting Catholic women. Moreover, he talked about how Israeli policy led to Christians leaving, contributing to a dwindling population. Critics of the interview blame this on Muslims, even though the region in question had a larger Christian population percentage under Ottoman rule which peaked during the British Mandate.

Muther Isaac highlighted the irony of Evangelicals supporting a regime that refuses to recognize Evangelical Christianity as a religion. Upon a fact check, the closest Israel gets to recognizing an Evangelical denomination is Anglicanism. Isaac details how Evangelism (of Jews) is effectively illegal and that Jewish converts face legal complications for converting.

Tucker Carlson’s questioning was meant to bring about the inconvenient truths of Israel and to highlight how Christian support of an anti-Christian regime is untenable, and he accomplished this objective.

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4 Responses

  1. Briefly doing a bit of research on Muther Isaac, he does indeed seem to be a shady figure. Notably absent from his rantings is any criticism of Islamic terrorism. Of course, if he or any of the other so-called “Palestinian” Christians were to engage in such honest criticism, they’d be dead before sundown.

    Of the Oct. 7th attack, he reportedly stated that it was understandable, and lamented the fact that the concert goers were able to run, in contrast with so-called “Palestinians” who are supposedly not able to run.

    Yet he also states that the 800 or 900 Christians remaining in the Gaza strip chose to stay of their own accord. Essentially stating they shouldn’t have to leave.

    Well, the concert goers shouldn’t have had to run, you dope.

    Such deceit and dishonesty is not befitting a Christian pastor.

    No person or persons on this planet is above reproach. None are sinless. None are above criticism, and that includes Israel, so-called “Palestinians”, and anybody and everybody else in the region. Those with roots in the area have been sinning against one another for thousands of years, just about since Noah’s grandsons.

    None are above reproach. None are above criticism.

    And none are worthy of trust.

    Israel has very good reasons not to trust so-called “Palestinians”
    So-called “Palestinians” have very good reasons not to trust Israel.

    Rather than bickering and fighting about who’s least worthy of trust, both sides need to humble themselves, quit trying to essentially claim they’re sinless and blameless, and respect the existence of that reasonable distrust.

    He laments the existence of barriers such as a wall in Bethlehem, claiming it’s unneeded and unjustified, that it’s somehow “apartheid”, as if, and implying, the only reason the barriers exist is because Israel wants racial separation.

    Anybody with at least half a functioning brain cell knows there are very good reasons for those barriers and checkpoints, which don’t have diddly squat to do with ethnicity.

    He knows good and well why the checkpoints and barriers exist. And he knows he’s blatantly bearing false witness.

    As for complaining about barriers and checkpoints between so-called “Palestinian” areas, such as Gaza, and the national territory of Israeli, that’s just plain stupid. Nations have barriers and checkpoints at their borders. If Gazans claim Gaza as their own nation, then they should respect the existence of such national boundaries.

    Let about 50 years pass without any more islamic terrorism, and then if the barriers and checkpoints are still deemed to be too oppressive, I might possibly entertain the implication that it is some sort of ethnic apartheid. Until then, I find such implications to be disgustingly dishonest.

    The fact that he can criticize Israel as he does, in the middle of Israel, in Bethlehem, and he’s still living and breathing, speaks volumes by itself. Let him speak out against Hamas, in the middle of Gaza city, and he wouldn’t last five minutes.

    1. One minute they’re claiming Gaza as their own nation. The next they’re complaining because there are barriers between Gaza and Israel.

      It doesn’t make any sense —- unless, what’s going on between their ears is that they are believing and trying to claim the entire region and their own nation, and that the necessary barriers would come down not as a matter of Israel annexing “Palestinian” areas, but as a matter of “Palestinians” annexing Israel.

    2. Implying the “Palestians” can’t run, is not only wickedly deceitful, it’s outright stupid.

      Israel goes to great lengths to warn civilians, almost to the point of being ridiculously suicidal, as it also warns hamas and other terrorists. The fact that “Palestinian” Christians had a choice to stay or leave attests to this fact.

      Where the concert goers given warning and a choice to leave? Where those slaughtered in the kibbutz’s given warning and a chance to leave? Are the Israeli’s bombarded by missiles given a choice to leave?

      And if I recall, articles I skimmed through this morning, he has also said that Israel’s military actions are unprovoked.

      It’s not only wickedness, and unbecoming a minister of the Gospel, it’s downright dumber than dirt …

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