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Kari Lake Campaign Attacks Babylon Bee After Getting Roasted

It’s no surprise that the liberal White woman who loves drag shows is also pro-abortion. Kari Lake, after losing the Arizona gubernatorial race in 2022, is the presumptive nominee for Senate in 2024, running as the first lady of MAGA. And despite praising the Arizona law that prohibited abortion, Kari Lake joined Donald Trump in supporting abortion this week. The ramifications of this shift is yet to be seen, but the Babylon Bee stung Kari Lake for her pro-abortion stance.

A quote from the satirical article:

“I’m an innovator,” Lake said in a statement to the media. “I’m tired of losing elections in the same old hum-drum way. This time, I really want to leave my mark. That’s why I’ve decided to not only lose this upcoming election, but do it while supporting the unconscionable act of people murdering their own children. If I’m going to lose, I want it to be big.”

Apparently, the Krii Lake campaign did not appreciate the joke and lashed out at Babylon Bee on Twitter/X over it.

The satire was that Kari Lake was finding innovative ways to lose, but apparently, her campaign account states that this is not “valid satire.” So does that mean Kari Lake is trying to lose this race by embracing abortion? This was the biggest self-own on the internet on Friday.

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One Response

  1. Babylon Bee should fire back with something like …

    “100 year old mother murders 75 year old offspring, citing the right to choose”

    Ask the feminist crazies one question …

    When should a mother no longer have the right to kill her offspring?

    Before birth? At birth? After birth? At what age?

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