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Should Women Be Head Coaches Of Men’s Sports: An Unlikely Source Of Biblical Truth

In the church, there is a renewed push for female pastors, especially in the Southern Baptist Convention where candidates for its presidency openly support female pastors. In the world of sports, there is a similar push for female coaches in male-dominated sports such as football and basketball. And in this debate I stumbled upon an unlikely source of a biblical application on this issue.

Jason Brown is the former coach of of the Independence Community College (Kansas) football team that was prominently featured on the Netflix series Last Chance U a documentary highlighting the importance of JuCo football to the overall sport. He would get canceled from his job for hilariously telling a German student that he “was his new Hitler” in a text message. The disgruntled student-athlete who was cut from the roster reported to the woke administration who fired Brown in an act of political correctness run amok. Jason Brown didn’t apologize and went on to a sports commentary career.

In recent weeks, Brown has gone viral for calling out how female coaches in the NFL would be a disaster, but in a recent video, he went biblical.

His cohost, Big Smitty is a professing Christian, while Jason Brown is not, detailing his upbringing of being raised by a “crooked Christian.” Nevertheless, Brown said he’s read the Bible and has “walk by faith, not by sight” tattooed on his leg.

Nevertheless, Jason Brown appealed to Scripture and created order arguing that the Bible teaches that “a man should love his wife more than his own kids, how can we hand men who are our own kids over to a woman who’s not even the head of her household and expect them to be men?”

It’s an interesting appeal to the Bible from an unusual source. Yet for so many in the church, the question of female pastors is considered difficult when the created order is quite obvious and the fruit of female pastors has been heretical.

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