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Doug Wilson Defends Christian Nationalism On Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has been doing multiple interviews recently geared toward a Christian audience. Last week he did an interview that highlighted the reasons why Middle Eastern Christians do not like Israel in a move that was meant to drive a wedge between Evangelicals and their support for the nation-state of Israel. On Monday, Doug Wilson dropped an interview with Doug Wilson specifically on Christian Nationalism.

Tucker Carlson identified Doug Wilson at the beginning of the interview as the most prominent name attached to the Christian Nationalist label. Doug Wilson might not be the most representative of Christian Nationalists, yet Doug Wilson goes to bat for Christian Nationalism and hits a home run.

After giving a broad definition of Christian Nationalism involving God over the state and presenting the alternative, Doug Wilson shifts the focus to which god? Wilson argues that people become like the objects they worship. He then shifts the focus to law where he discusses which god should the legal system’s morality be based upon. “It’s not whether but which” is a commonly used Christian Nationalist argument.

Doug Wilson explains that society can be globalist, nationalist, or tribalist, describing globalism as bad because he doesn’t want to eat bugs and tribalism as bad comparing it to Thunderdome.

Doug Wilson said that he preferred to be called a Christian Nationalist to any other label liberals would call him such as racist. With Christian Nationalism, Wilson believes that it can be explained in two minutes.

Tucker Carlson asked Doug Wilson about the rights of nonChristian under Christian Nationalism, and Doug Wilson gave a convincing response that Christian Nationalism is better for securing secular rights, highlighting how much more “practical liberty” people would have under a more biblical system of government.

During this time, Tucker Carlson was in large agreement with Doug Wilson which goes to show that Tucker Carlson wants Christian Nationalism to become the dominant Christian political theology.

The rest of the interview is paywalled, but what was public was a fantastic showing of Doug Wilson being based.

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  1. Unfortunately old Doug is about as pro Zionist as John Hagee. Read his latest book on the subject.

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