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Mark Driscoll Struggle Sessioned

The Mark Driscoll Struggle Session

Mark Driscoll went viral for getting yanked off the stage at a men’s conference at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri. However good it was for Mark Driscoll to call out the performance of a male stripper doing a sword-swallowing routine at a men’s conference, the struggle session that ensued afterward would undermine the masculine action that he took.

James River Church is arguably the flagship church of the Assemblies of God, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States. So naturally, John Lindell is a rather big deal in charismatic circles, and he knows it. During the struggle session, John Lindell claimed to have the anointing of God and therefore cannot be criticized.

You have to be careful that you do not criticize people who have the annointing of God. Better to say nothing because what happens is once you begin to criticize someone who has the annointing on them, you’re in the flesh. And once you’re in the flesh, then you’re moving toward unbelief. And once you move toward unbelief, then you live a barren life, spiritually. And that’s the danger.

So when Mark Driscoll spoke out, he was out of line not because of an erroneous argument regarding Matthew 18, but rather that he denounced the stripper therefore coming at the anointed one.

Mark Driscoll, unfortunately, apologized for the incident during the struggle session which was neither manly nor biblical.

The fact that there was a struggle session at a men’s conference tells you all you need to know about how edifying it was. John Lindell is effeminate, just like his ecclesiology is for allowing female pastors. Therefore, he has to invent a theology to be above critique.

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  1. The first time I read about it I knew the whole repulsive thing was staged so Mark, posturing as some real man, could be neutered as a man which makes men more “acceptable” to all the males in the church who work to drain the men of their God given traits as protectors, leaders and providers. This whole Kabuki dance has been going on for years now. God will not be mocked.

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