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Acts 29 Gay

Churches Flee Acts 29 As Policy Against Public Criticism Enacted

Acts 29 was a major church planting organization in its heyday. However, wokeness has long infested the institution causing many good Christians to leave. The wokeness was largely helmed by Matt Chandler. Nevertheless, it was widely apparent that Acts 29 promoted Critical Race Theory. Additionally, they also promoted Side B Theology going so far as to say that sodmites “experience good love in their community.” They have since deleted the homosexuality-promoting video. HAving compromised theologically on numerous fronts, Acts 29 is attempting to compel its members to silence from criticizing the organization.


Chase Davis broke this news and further claims that his sources tout a 50% sign-on rate to the new requirements. This will mean hundreds of churches jumping ship from Acts 29 as a result of this power move. The board of Acts 29 is full of liberals and the only chance of reversing the trend was for member churches to band together. These requirements intend to make that impossible.

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