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Brent Leatherwood ERLC

Southern Baptist Convention Leads Charge To Suppress Nashville Manifesto As Hearing Underway

Last year, a transvestite named Audrey Hale murdered six people at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. After over a year, the Nashville Manifesto has been under seal despite promises of public release. A hearing is underway as a lawsuit was filed to compel its release. The Southern Baptist Convention is leading the charge alongside police to keep the manifesto concealed forever.

Steven Crowder leaked a portion of the manifesto last fall prompting the ire of Brent Leatherwood, the head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptist point man called Crowder a vipers, issuing harsher words for him than Audrey Hale or women who murder their own babies. Steven Crowder’s crew caught up with Brent Leatherwood on Wednesday.

Crowder refers to Brent Leatherwood as a Democrat activist which is functionally accurate as Leatherwood advocated for gun control in Tennessee, funding for Ukraine, amnesty for illegal aliens, and opposed pro-life legislation all under the guise of representing Southern Baptists.

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