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Mike Johnson traitor

Mike Johnson Is A Disgrace. Time To Vacate The Chair

Mike Johnson during his brief time as Speaker of the House has proven to be an abysmal replacement for Mike McCarthy, a notorious RINO. Yet at least with McCarthy, he was an open RINO, whereas Mike Johnson wears a cross on his chest but serves the Star of David instead. It’s come time to vacate the chair and disgrace Mike Johnson’s political career.

Already, Mike Johnson has made the funding of foreign interests a greater priority than national interests. His dedication to serving Israel is best characterized as willful vassalage, an affront to American sovereignty. Again this is made worse by Mike Johnson’s profession of the Christian faith whereby he proclaims that Christians have a “biblical admonition to stand with Israel.”

Mike Johnson has sold out to Israel, receiving nearly $30000 from AIPAC. He changed his position on FISA warrants after speaking to the FBI, leading to accusations of blackmail. Far from it, in my opinion. Johnson is rather a weak-willed individual who exudes Mike Pence levels of ineptitude. Claiming to be Christian, Mike Johnson fought pro-life legislation in his home state of Louisiana. And with the same passion, he rallies support for Israel and Ukraine.

Mike Johnson bent over harder for the Democrats by funding their boondoggle in Ukraine. Even though the Ukrainian frontlines are collapsing kilometer by kilometer, Mike Johnson is sending them $60 billion more to fund their dismal war. Ukraine has been the Democrat’s money laundering playground, a major factor in what constitutes a national security interest.

Nevertheless, our own nation is being invaded, a cause that Mike Johnson cannot be bothered to care about until after his foreign masters are served. Mike Johnson will secure other nations’ borders before his own, denoting a hatred of his homeland.

Like most of Congress, Mike Johnson is a traitor to the United States. But even worse, he professes to be a Christian while doing so. For these reasons, it’s time to vacate the chair.

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  1. He’s probably compromised, I agree. Nothing else makes sense. The swamp must be drained but it will take a while. Keep voting Christ first, not Israel.

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