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Megan Basham Exposes Russell Moore, David French On Tucker Carlson

In the same week, Tucker Carlson dropped an interview with Doug Wilson, Jesse Kelly, and now Megan Basham. In the Doug Wilson interview, Tucker Carlson allowed Doug Wilson the opportunity to advance and defend Christian Nationalism. With Megan Basham, Tucker Carlson gave her the platform to further expose Russell Moore and David French as the frauds that they are.

If you are wondering why church leaders fail to understand, perhaps the reason is they are taking money from the bad guys or are listening to those who do. That is what Megan Basham teased, as part of her upcoming book Evangelicals For Rent. In the interview, she highlighted Russell Moore’s connections to the Evangelical Immigration Table which is connected to George Soros.

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to calling out Moore or French as he did so on Fox News. Megan Basham, likewise, has long covered their subversion of Christianity. Their joint political curriculum was referenced in the interview as well. This too is funded by dark money.

Tucker Carlson seems to be using his sizable platform to cover topics of Evangelical intrigue, and we love to see that.

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  1. Exposing those two isn’t hard to do. It will be interesting if her book reveals more of the darkness in Big Eva than what is already known.

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