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John Lindell

John Lindell Apologizes For Inviting Male Stripper To Men’s Conference

The backlash over Mark Driscoll calling out the sword-swallowing performance as demonic at James River Church continues as John Lindell admitted that he was wrong about Alex Magala the performer in question. In a now-deleted livestream, John Lindell apologized for inviting Mark Driscoll to the men’s conference which is unsurprising and passive-aggressive. But in a plot twist, John Lindell would apologize also for inviting Alex Magala the male stripper who performed.

According to Christian Post.

“Let me just say this about the events of this past week. I want to say two things. First of all, I want to thank you for your overwhelming response on Wednesday night. What happened was both biblical and necessary, and the Lord was present, and for that, we’re grateful,” Lindell said during James River Church’s Sunday night service broadcast on Facebook.

“At the same time. I want to be clear … I want to apologize and let you know I take full responsibility for the decision that was made to invite Mark Driscoll and Alex Magala to the Stronger Men’s Conference,” he explained. “I am deeply saddened by the division that our invitation has brought to the Body of Christ. That was never our intent. The Stronger Men’s Conference is about reaching men for Jesus Christ, and it will continue to be about reaching men for Jesus Christ.”

James River Church appears to have not included this portion of their worship service in what was uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Last Wednesday, John Lindell would go to great lengths to accuse Mark Driscoll of sinning by calling Alex Magala demonic despite his profession of faith. It was clear at the time that Magala’s faith was not credible. But that did not stop Lindell from misusing Matthew 18 to advance his narrative against Mark Driscoll. Alex Magala would post a video espousing all sorts of heresy which was apparently a bridge too far for John Lindell to continue defending.

Or perhaps he’s sorry that there was a controversy that he was on the losing end of. Despite his claims of positive feedback, the video on YouTube was heavily ratioed.

In any case, John Lindell further reproaches himself for how he’s handled the situation.

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2 Responses

  1. Did it cause division in the body of Christ, or has it threshed out and exposed who is and is not truly a part of that body?

    The question is not whether or not we are unified just for the sake of unity. The question is what we are all unified around, which is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and God’s word. There is no unity apart from that. There is no unity in sinfulness. Maybe there is unity around sin for those outside the body. But not for those who are truly a part of it.

    When Lindell first went on stage to confront Driscoll, he tried to appeal to Matt 18, saying Driscoll was wrong to rebuke the wickedness publicly. Not whether or not it was any sort of pagan ritual involving asherah poles and whatnot, but that any public rebuke at all was wrong. So he falsely accused Driscoll then, and has continued to falsely accuse. A public rebuke in such a situation is not only not wrong, it is necessary. And it is not only necessary, it is immediately necessary and should be immediately done on-the-spot.

    Now by Duet 19:18-21, since Lindell has tried to purge Driscoll from that body, Lindell is due the same punishment he intended for Driscoll.

    He’s got a lot more to REPENT of than just making the invitations. His sinful behavior since has been as bad or worse. Sniveling, prideful, weak behavior.

    They need to rename it the Weaker Men’s Conference.

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