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The Fall of Acts 29

Acts 29 was a major church planting organization with massive prowess in the world of Evangelicalism. It provided churches with a missional alternative to the North American Mission Board. Today they are in desolate ruin according to insider reports. How did this happen? Three blows killed this organization.

1. Go Woke

After Mark Driscoll was no longer in Acts 29, Matt Chandler would helm the organization and usher in an era of wokeness. Matt Chandler, along with Ryan Kwon, led the introduction of Critical Race Theory into the infrastructure of Acts 29. This would be the primary reason many churches would leave Acts 29 before 2024.

2. Yes Homo

After going woke, Acts 29 would say “yes homo” in a video now deleted from their platform

Acts 29 argued that homosexuals “experience good love in their community” as though getting sodomized or sodomizing someone else is an act of love. The argument amounted to God’s love being so much better than buttsex, and that by being nice we can persuade homosexuals of this reality. This was a horrendous sales pitch for Christianity. Yet Acts 29 published that video in 2023.

The result of this was humiliating for the organization. Acts 29 would apologize in a backdated article to prevent the apology from appearing on their RSS feed as a new post.

3. Silence Plebs

In early 2023, the initial crackdown on dissenting churches who had remained in Acts 29 despite wokeness had begun. J Chase Davis and his church were unilaterally discharged from the Acts 29 network. Suppressing dissent was a clear priority for Acts 29.

In April 2024, Acts 29 enacted a policy to silence members from criticizing the organization or its churches publicly.


The requirement was initially reported to have caused a 50% drop in US church membership. However, J Chase Davis reports a more dismal outlook.

57% of churches leaving Acts 29 dropping their membership roles to 220 churches in the United States is devastating. The leadership structure of Acts 29 leaves no room for internal correction as the Acts 29 board chooses its members. So the only means of forcing change would be for member churches to band together, something this policy makes nigh impossible.


While 220+ churches remain, Acts 29 is far more limited now its abilities to plant woke churches and its broader Evangelical influence. Acts 29 might be a rare instance of a Big Eva organization going woke after going broke which represents a positive development.

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  1. acts 29 are obviously an infiltration group seeking to normalise homosexuality among the last bastion of opposition to them – Christians. the long march through the institutions also includes the church. women pastors, toleration of sodomy, pro-abortion, ecumenism. all have been deliberately pushed on the church since the 50s.

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