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A Dialog With A Russian Orthodox On Russia, Ukraine, and Israel

In the latest podcast episode, I invited Christine Lynn, a historian and Russian Orthodox, to discuss the latest geopolitical events in light of House Speaker Mike Johnson sending $95 billion overseas, much to the delight of Big Eva. It was a much different perspective than what I am used to.

The first third of the interview discusses Russian Orthodoxy. Most interestingly, we discuss the religiosity of Vladimir Putin. Whereas I think Putin is too universalist to be considered a Christian Prince, Lynn takes a different perspective explaining how Putin distinguishes his personal life from the role of being President of Russia and that Putin is a devout Russian Orthodox.

The next third discusses the Russia-Ukraine War, going into the history of the Maiden Coup and the breached Minsk Accords. Although Russia has the upper hand on the battlefield, their methodical approach makes it hard to know when the war might end and on what terms.

The last third discusses Modern Israel, the plight of Middle Eastern Christians, and whether Christians can support Modern Israel.

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