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The Blaze Alex Stein

Why The Blaze Needs To Cancel Alex Stein

Following the departure of Steven Crowder where Blaze Media wisely did not renew his contract, the Blaze jumpstarted two shows to fill the gap of both Crowder and Elijah Schaffer who was fired. Crowder’s former cohost, Dave Landau was given the show Normal World, where he costars with former Crowder host Quarter Black Garrett. More on the nose, Alex Stein after much delay and anticipation was given the YouTube channel for the Schaffer’s former show, “You Are Here.” The channel was a massive asset with 200k subs that BlazeTV did not want to discard. Despite the astroturfing, Alex Stein’s show “Prime Time” has been an objective failure. More than that, it is an embarrassment that needs to get canceled prematurely, and here’s why.

In the short, Alex Stein receives a tutorial on how to tuck male genitals in a women’s bathing suit from Blaire White. Blaire White is the famous transvestite who glamorizes transgenderism for online fame.

I recall when conservatives thought they could boycott Target over tucking underwear for boys, yet Alex Stein is promoting the same degeneracy to his own audience. Like Ketanji Brown Jackson, he does not know what a woman is. I’m old enough to remember when Tomi Lahren and the Blaze parted ways because she was pro-abortion which they viewed as a red line. It’s not inconceivable that a morality clause can be exercised to cancel a show that is teaching its audience how to be a transvestite.

Repurposing a channel was always going to hurt the algorithms. But that can hardly be attributable to the failure of Prime Time With Alex Stein. Alex Stein has demonstrated an inability to transition into long-form content that is frankly pathetic. Cohosts like “My Wife’s Boyfriend” beat the dead horse of tired comedic material. Prime Time fails to consistently get 10K views for an episode on YouTube or crack the top 100 iTunes charts. Even an interview with Tucker Carlson on conspiracy theories on his channel got only 12000 views. His long-form interview with Mark Dice got only 23000 views.  

Alex Stein getting canceled from The Blaze was inevitable as there is no way they are renewing his contract with these numbers. But Blaze TV is embarrassing itself letting this continue. It’s time to put the degeneracy out of its misery.

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  1. the “right” once again proves it is toothless and spineless. transvestites have no place in any discussion – they are mentally ill people (as such deserving of sympathy) but should not be tolerated as rational people in any discussion. the so-called right’s refusal to say “no” to people shows that it is a dead political position and these neo-cons need to become extinct. but all they want is to find the next based black sodomite to parade to demonstrate that they are inclusive. sometimes exclusivity is more effective.

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