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Calvary Chapel’s Embrace Of Side B Heresy

Evangelical Dark Web is one of the foremost outlets warning about Side B Theology and why it is heretical. Jon Harris has also been doing great work on the subject, and he interviewed a former Calvary Chapel pastor, affiliated with the more orthodox Calvary Chapel Association. This pastor left the association over their embrace of Side B Theology and he tells his story. Side B Theology teaches that homosexual desires and identity are not sinful.

The biggest factor in the compromise appears to be the infiltration of Preston Sprinkle and Greg Coles into Calvary Chapel as subject matter experts. Pastor Mike Solecki describes how people in Calvary Chapel were pushing Coles’s book Single Gay Christian despite its obviously flawed premise and content. Greg Coles is the right-hand man of Preston Sprinkle who runs the Center For Faith Sexuality and Gender, perhaps the largest organization promoting Side B Theology.

More disturbingly, Preston Sprinkle’s Theology In The Raw Conference, the one that had a transvestite speaker, along with multiple Revoice alums, was hosted at a Calvary Chapel church, Calvary Boise.

Attempts to correct the course have thus far failed. And despite these associations, conservative Protestant organizations continue to associate with Preston Sprinkle and his ministry despite its predominance in spreading heresy in the church.

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