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Samuel Sey’s Gay Defense Of Taylor Swift’s Demonic Music

With many pressing issues facing the church and broader culture, Samuel Sey decided to come out with a defense of listening to Taylor Swift because this is what we need at this moment. This is reminiscent of when John Piper wrote a word of encouragement for people who wanted to get the Covid jab but were facing pressure not to because that’s what was needed in 2021. That was 2021. In 2024, there are girls and effeminate men who want to be Swifties and they are facing pressure to conform to standards of decent music and biblical worldviews affirmation.

It’s quite difficult to contain scorn and sarcasm when reading Samuel Sey’s defense of listening to Taylor Swift in the face of her most blasphemous album yet. Samuel Sey is an admitted Swiftie himself:

He followed this up with a defense: Is It A Sin To Listen To Taylor Swift?

What is interesting is that Samuel Sey misses the key criticism that would lead to people suggesting it is sinful to listen to Taylor Swift. It’s not that her music is terrible (it is). It’s not that she’s a feminist (she is). It’s that she is a symbol. Taylor Swift is the embodiment of you White women who would reject Christ and Christian living.

Simply put, Taylor Swift is a female version of Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate is the male equivalent of promoting a life of singleness and degeneracy, becoming a brand that people identify with, especially concerning dating. Whereas young men follow Andrew Tate and his advice on women, young women look to Taylor Swift for the same. Only it is openly stigmatized to support Andrew Tate but women will openly tout Swiftie on their profiles. Tate is (rightly) being prosecuted for human trafficking. Swift is spoonfed into the broadcast of every Chiefs game. Sey writes:

There are songs I refuse to listen to because they are inherently sinful. When I became a believer, I stopped listening to the majority of the songs I used to listen to because they explicitly promoted crude language, sexual sin, and violence.

So the question shouldn’t be “Is it a sin to listen to Taylor Swift?” The question should be, “Are some of Taylor Swift’s songs pure and praiseworthy?” 

The answer is, of course, “yes.”

In my own life, I know people who dropped Taylor Swift altogether because her music and brand are demonic. Whatever Sey was listening to prior to being saved was probably just as “praiseworthy” as Swift is now. The problem is Samuel Sey doesn’t understand what Taylor Swift represents.

I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan for many years. I’ve shared this publicly. But despite his many blasphemous, crude, and anti-Christ word, no one has demanded that I should repent and publicly renounce Rogan. 

What’s the difference between listening to Joe Rogan and Taylor Swift? 

Samuel Sey draws a comparison to Joe Rogan that misses the point also. Joe Rogan used to be a symbol for MMA and weed culture but has effectively become a platform for hearing various perspectives in a long-form interview. As those on the outskirts of societal acceptance, Joe Rogan, however flawed, is useful for edifying the culture. Taylor Swift is not. The Jordan Peterson comparison is far more accurate.

I recently encouraged a young, impressionable Christian to stop listening to Jordan Peterson. This is because although Jordan Peterson is one of my favourite cultural commentators, his heretical views on Christianity could be too dangerous for undiscerning Christians. 

So although it’s lawful to listen to Jordan Peterson, it might not be helpful for some people. In the same way, it’s not a sin to listen to Taylor Swift—but it might not be helpful for some of you.

Jordan Peterson is a dangerous wolf whose teachings are undermined by his personal hypocrisy. Peterson is dangerous because his teachings are from Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Christians should not be listening to Peterson at all, and that’s before we get into his Bible teachings. The fact that Samuel Sey listens to Taylor Swift and Jordan Peterson explains a lot, actually. But that is how he caps off his superficial defense of his personal music tastes.

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  1. I don’t think that I have ever heard a Taylor Swift song. WHat concerns me more than her music however is that she claims to be a Christian. I would like to hear more about her regarding her Christian faith and how that is impacting her life.

    1. If she was a genuine Christian, she would be in the Christian music space not in the secular music space. Not saying that a Christian can be both in the secular space and Christian space, because Stryper is a Christian band that is very overtly Christian that has both mainstream success and Christian music success.

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