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Why Jack Hibbs Should Repent Of Mike Johnson Rant

Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on Jack Hibb’s defense of Mike Johnson from what he described as a “spiritual attack.” Jack Hibbs is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and is one of the most influential pastors in politics. So for him to abuse spiritual language to advance a policy of foreign aid that is inflationary spending is not only a terrible understanding of politics but also a false prophetic witness.

Jack Hibbs claimed that spiritual forces of darkness were on a mission to thwart support for Israel in Congress. This was grossly fabricated. Although his video was made before the vote, in the eventual result in the House, zero Democrats voted against funding Israel and Ukraine. In the Senate, only 3 Democrats voted against the spending. Certainly, Jack Hibbs would not absolve the Democrat Party of their demonic influence as they push for abortion and other degeneracies in our nation.

This leads to another false claim by Jack Hibbs: the RINOs are out to get Mike Johnson because he supports Israel. The reality is that supporting Israel is one of the safest positions a politician can take. The foreign lobby is extremely successful. But a pattern emerges. The best Reps and Senators opposed the bill that would fund Israel and Ukraine.


While there were RINOs who opposed the bill that Jack Hibbs so enthusiastically supported (Elise Stefanik for example), all of the best the Republican Party has to offer (Chip Roy, Thomas Massie, Andy Harris) voted against the bill. In the Senate, the pattern held firm as Mitch McConnell led the charge to support the same bill among Republicans.

Mike Johnson has not been removed yet for his support of Israel, but he deserves to be removed for his foreign priorities and flip-flopping positions. Perhaps the effort to remove Mike Johnson may soon come to fruition, making one of Hibbs’s claims true. However, Jack Hibbs attacked Christians, accusing them of grumbling and adhering to the gospel of CNN against Mike Johnson’s leadership.

This was sin at the time and has only aged poorly. Jack Hibbs needs to repent.

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6 Responses

  1. christian boomers love israel for no good reason – apart from decades of brainwashing. i feel sick watching this so-called pastor advocating for another country, people and religion.

  2. Ray, you yourself posted an article here on this website calling for Johnson’s removal in large part because of his support for Israel.

    Nobody knows who Hibbs talked to and prayed with. All we know is that it was someone close to Johnson. We don’t know what’s been said and done behind closed doors. And his video was made on Thursday, before the final compromise bill was brought up for a vote. We don’t know what sort of negotiations were going on days prior. So you can’t judge what he said on Thursday based on the final vote on a bill that is most likely entirely different.

    It’s also ridiculous to try to imply that democrats voted for the bill out of support for Israel.

    There has indeed been much lying by the media. For one thing, a big chunk of the aid for Israel is actually for Gaza aid. The part for Israel is mostly to replenish missile defense, which are munitions made here in this country.

    For another, it was Schumer who took out border security on the senate side. Meanwhile, Johnson is over in the House, he’s got a choice. Does he get into a fight with the senate and draw it out for months on end, while our allies are in a fight for their lives, or does he let border security wait.

    The point is we don’t know. We’re not in his shoes.

    Hibbs’ basic point that we need to give Mike Johnson the benefit of the doubt is a very valid point.

    I don’t know of any sin he should repent for.

    You yourself, Ray, called for Johnson’s ouster mostly because of his support for Israel. So what Hibbs said was right, even if you, Ray, were the only professing Christian on the planet who did so.

    Maybe it is you who should repent.

    1. The issue is not the support for Israel, but rather a person’s integrity. The godly individual takes his commitments to others so seriously he is willing to “swear to his own hurt.” (Psalm 15:4, Ruth 1:16-17) A covenant-keeping God is surely not going to bless the breaking of promises, which is what Mike Johnson did. But He will protect His special possession no matter what the U.S. Congress does.

      1. Pastor Hibbs recognized the fact that Johnson was probably sacrificing his speakership. Saving Johnson’s job is not what the video was about. It was about praying for him and his efforts with regard to the bill at hand.

      2. We’re held to higher standards. There’s no doubt about it. If he didn’t claim the name of Jesus, nobody would care if he broke his word, as most all other politicians do. That’s probably why we have so few born again Christians in power, but I don’t know of any solution. To whom much is given, much is required.

        Johnson said it was the hill to die on, and I guess maybe his career died on it.

        But as you can read here and other places, Randy, you know breaking his word on border security is not the main reason some are calling for his ouster. Follow the link I posted. This very website called for his ouster mostly because of his support for Israel. Others are calling for it because of the support for Ukraine, and so on.

      3. He should’ve known any border security measures the democrat-controlled senate might agree to wouldn’t go over well with the republican house. There’s no doubt it was foolish to make such a statement. Of course, we’ve all done and said stupid stuff like that before. I’m certainly no exception. I don’t know the answer. Since I don’t know all that happened, and I also don’t know Mike Johnson, I’m not going to weigh in heavy on anything as if I do. I posted to correct Ray’s false accusation of pastor Hibbs, and to call out this website’s constant bellyaching about Jews and Israel. I know for a fact that EDW, Ray and Anthony both, appear to be against any aid for Israel at all, for any reason, at any time, and would apparently like to see it wiped off the face of the Earth, possibly any and all Jews with it, considering much of what I’ve read here over the past several years. That needs to be called out, and Mike Johnson’s job security is irrelevant in comparison.

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