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Doug Wilson woke right

Doug Wilson Peddles ‘Woke Right’ Myth

Doug Wilson recently appeared on the Room For Nuance podcast to respond to criticism levied against him on the podcast by Ligon Duncan. Ligon Duncan is a woke preacher, but Sean DeMars of Room For Nuance wants the audience to know that he’s not woke and invited Doug Wilson on following his interview with Tucker Carlson. But throughout the interview, Doug Wilson and Joe Rigney take several shots at those who are more based than he is.

There has been a lot of discussion about the so-called “woke right” a term coined by James Lindsay types to attack people on the right who hold to the following beliefs:

  • You can legislate morality
  • All politics is identifying politics
  • Friend-enemy distinction in politics

Doug Wilson in no uncertain terms rejects these positions used together in his interview with Sean DeMars arguing against fighting fire with fire. Those in the James Lindsay crowd gaslight by calling Christian Nationalists woke even though James Lindsay has written how he believes that gender and sex are distinct from each other and has peddled Queer Theory against Christians.

Irony aside, the Cultural Marxists correctly understand that morality can be legislated, all politics is identity politics, and a friend-enemy distinction. This is not because they originated these ideas. Rather those who call themselves Classical Liberals convinced themselves that they are on a higher plane of politics that transcends political realities.

Identity politics can be seen between the Caesarean and Pompein factions in Rome. It can be seen in early America, and it can even be seen on the right. Doug Wilson opposes being above board about identity politics and using it.

As for the friend-enemy distinction, Doug Wilson speaks out against NEOTR (no enemies on the right) a rule better followed than talked about, admittedly. But the overarching principle is that you don’t worry about how people on your side make you look. You continually go after the liberals anyway.

There is a woke right, in a sense. For starters, it’s those who celebrated homosexual child trafficking in Conservative Inc., but it’s also those who went woke for Jews after refusing to go woke for Black people. But are they really on the right? Or are they merely neocons?

Doug Wilson wants to legislate morality, but is rejecting how this could most effectively be done: ie convincing White people to stop hating themselves. But Doug Wilson is advocating for unilateral disarmament and scoffs at being called a boomer for it.

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4 Responses

  1. My problem with Doug Wilson is that he tends to push Christian men to own and operate their own businesses and try to be in corporate leadership. Sure, I would like to own and operate a business but it takes a certain type of man that is an entrepreneurial mind. I tried owning and operating a business, I’m not a sales guy, I’m just a dude that cleans toilets for a living. So it seems that I won’t live up to Doug Wilson standard of a “true Christian man” which is why I stop listening to his content and just listen to Grace To You and Ligonier Ministries.

  2. Like Voddie Baucham says, the insidiousness of critical theory is that it borrows from scripture. Whether the identity is the haves vs the have nots, as with original marxism, or between some other identity groups, as with critical theory, marxism has always had that insidious nature. Scripture commands us to take care of the poor. It commands us to be impartial. Etc.

    Now with critical theory, we have “identities” that are abominable sin.

    Biblically, the question is not whether or not whether or not we engage in identity politics, but what are those specific identities, and whether or not it is wrong for one identity group to oppose and fight against another.

    It’s not a sin to be black.
    It’s not a sin to be a descendant of Jacob

    The question is which “identities” would God have us oppose, and which not, and why. Which should rightfully be opposed, and which not.

    Which characteristics, attributes, behaviors, etc. does God want us to stand against, and which not.

    It’s wrong to embrace any and all identity politics.
    It’s also wrong to embrace none. (Since the unbeliever is identified with his sin)

    Which divisions are good, and which are evil?
    What defines that delineation?


    If it’s sinful, oppose it.
    If not, don’t.

    This is not rocket science …

    Identity politics based on race, ethnicity, skin color = bad
    Identity politics based on what is sinful and what isn’t = good.

    1. Perpetuating and compounding divisions that are sinful, will not solve anything. A flippig race war is not going to solve anything.

      You don’t fight sin with sin.

      You don’t fight darkness with darkness.

      You destroy the darkness with light.

      As long as you focus on divisions that are sinful, such as race, ethnicity, skin color, etc. you detract and take away from the fights we’re supposed to be fighting. You delegitimize the fight against the imposition of abominable sin, against the slaughter of the unborn, and against putting the government in God’s place, and you only give them fodder. In fact, when you do that, you substantiate their critical theories for them, and the first thing out of their mouths then is to put abominable sin in the same category as skin color and ethnicity.

      At that point then, we’d be stuck having to choose between a “side” that is racist vs. another “side” that embraces abominable sin and the murder of the unborn.

      And born again, Bible-believing Christians would then find something more constructive to do on election day, like watching grass grow.

      The “boomers” are older and wiser than you, Ray. You should pay attention.

      I haven’t watched the video, and I’ll watch it later tonight after work. If I need to correct anything I’ve said, I will. But I doubt I’ll need to …

  3. Another commenter had mentioned previously that Doug and Canon Press operate as if they want to keep the right in line. More and more I agree with that assessment.

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