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The Chosen Gay

The Chosen Arrives On Disney+

If you ever needed more proof that The Chosen is non-threatening and depicts a less-than-authentic Jesus, consider that The Chosen is now available on Disney+. This is not the first time The Chosen has made it onto a secular streaming platform. However, Disney has rarely licensed content for Disney+ as opposed to Hulu where The Chosen will also be featured. Much of the 20th Century Fox catalog is not to be found on Disney+, yet The Chosen is.

The company that lost a lawsuit to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might be trying to rehab its image. Or they might agree with Amazon that the program is not a threat and its license is cheaper since it is free on the Come and See Foundation app. In any case, it’s odd that Disney would do this.

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2 Responses

  1. I was in conversation with my fellow Christians in different denominations and they are really into the whole Choosen series. I said I can’t watch it because it violates the 2nd Commandment. So that means I can’t watch anything that depicts Jesus, no Passion of the Christ, or even the hyper Biblically accurate movies of the life of Christ. In the past as a baby Christian, I did watch some of these type of films.

    I get this weird look from them, thinking I’m the crazy one for taking the time to criticality think about the issue of depictions of Jesus.

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