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United Methodist Church Comes Out Of The Closet On Homosexual Pastors

Whereas the Episcopalians and Presbyterian Church USA are the butch lesbian grandmother of denominations, the United Methodist Church has been the preppy gay kid denomination for quite some time. Several years ago, the United Methodist Chruch became embattled over the issue of homosexual pastors after several years of not policing sodomy in its congregations or clergy. The issue of homosexual pastors became the bridge too far, leading to a buyout and divorce within the UMC.

Despite the planned divorce, there are several lawsuits in several states in attempts to prevent churches from leaving the denomination. However, enough churches have left to give the extreme liberals a massive advantage in rewriting policy for the UMC.


The same liberals also made it harder to leave.

The United Methodist Church has been openly homosexual for years and is just now being honest about it. Several clergy were already openly defying the ban on homosexual pastors without penalty. Now they can be honest about their love of sin, to their demise.

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One Response

  1. They also passed a resolution glorifying heterosexual fornication. Basically embracing any and all porneia. It probably wont be long before they’re watching porn in sunday school.

    I wonder what sin they’re going to glorify next.
    Proud thieves?
    Proud murderers?

    It’s untelling …

    At this point they might as well just burn their bibles and get it over with.

    Their condemnation is from long ago (2 Pet. 2, Jude)

    “Such punishment is specially reserved for those who indulge the corrupt desires of the flesh and despise authority” – 2 Pet. 2:10

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