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Abolitionists Rising Responds To Trump

Abolitionist Rising Responds To Trump Going Pro-Abortion

Abolitionist Rising is the most viewed pro-life channel on all of YouTube having 16 million more views than Live Action. How did this happen? T. Russell Hunter from Abolitionist Rising came on Evangelical Dark Web to discuss the story, the current state of the abolitionist movement, and how Christians should navigate the Trump issue.

The rise of Abolitionist Rising was born out of a decision to film street evangelism and discussions. There was no expectation that it would become a huge thing, as they did not set out to do it with major financial backing. After determining that hours of film had numerous of clips that could be used for TikTok, Abolitionist Rising went viral posting numerous videos where the team would argue from a standpoint that abortion is murder in a way that was morally consistent.

T Russell Hunter is controversial for his political views here he has been outspoken. Some of the key arguments made were as follows:

  • Dobbs was not a good ruling
  • Abolitionists need to make Trump earn our votes and not reward him for moderating on the issue
  • Abortion as a state’s rights issue is a loser mentality
  • Trump losing to Biden might hasten the abolition of abortion compared to Trump winning while moderating on the issue

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