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There Was One Based Methodist After All

The United Methodist Church overwhelmingly voted to allow homosexual pastors and weddings. And despite the fact that fewer than 10% opposed the latest degradation, there was one righteous man in Sodom. Jerry Kulah is a UMC Elder from Liberia and he offered a strong rebuke to the United Methodist Church.

Jerry Kulah denounced affirmed Scripture and denounced the liberalism that took over the denomination along with their incessant attempts at changing the official doctrine and practices after failed attempts.

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One Response

  1. You know the foretold apostasia is likely upon us when a man has to hold up a Bible and say “this is God’s word” among what claims to be a church. And when such a stand is considered courageous. He said it almost in disbelief, as if to say, hello? anybody home? This is God’s word here. Is this a church or is it not?

    You know it’s likely upon us when a large portion of the “church” says “sin is good”

    That word, apostasia, means rebellion. And that’s exactly what it is. They’re in rebellion against the Creator, His created order, and His word.

    That said, the UMC churches who haven’t already left, are now paying the price for their hesitation, and will lose their buildings. They remind me of Lot’s wife. When the Lord says to leave Sodom, you leave. You don’t hesitate. You don’t wait. You don’t look back.

    Their last stand is admirable. But the time for hesitation is past. It’s time to leave.

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