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Is Conservative Inc. Lying About Saving Babies?

For several years the pro-life movement has been hampered by ineffective strategy and subversion. The most pressing of which has been the avoidance of arguing for equal protection for the unborn and the embrace of the “second victim” narrative that is driven by feminism. Similarly, pro-lifers are inundated with advertising for ultrasound ministries that tout astronomical save rates. A major partner for Blaze TV is Preborn who boasts a save rate of 80% for their ultrasounds. On the surface, these numbers seem farcical. They do not pass a sniff test. Russell Hunter of Abolitionists Rising explained to Evangelical Dark Web why that is.

Having been active in the movement for a long time in and around pregnancy care centers (PCCs), Hunter recalled multiple people who have worked for organizations that cook the books and count women who were never going to consider an abortion in th first place. An example he gave was that PCCs might be affiliated with a large church and people from that church would get ultrasounds from them and be counted as “choosing life” even though they were never considering baby murder in the first place. The abortion-minded woman, Hunter said, is not going to a PCC in the first place. It’s worth noting that the “girl boss” (ie a woman making >400FPL) has a higher abortion rate than those in poverty.

Russell Hunter also cited Oklahoma’s law that mandated ultrasounds be offered prior to abortions. This law failed to reduce abortions in the state. Whether it was because Planned Parenthood could administer bogus ultrasounds or that the image does not dissuade a mother’s hatred is a moot debate as Senator Randy Brogden regretted wasting his effort on the law.

Russell Hunter suggests that in many cases the emphasis on ultrasounds is done as a substitute for fighting for the abolition of abortion or a fig leaf after opposing the abolition of abortion as in the case with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Organizations like Preborn are prevalent in Conservative Media, advertising on Glenn Beck, Steve Deace, Jason Whitlock, and more. Whereas Glenn Beck blasphemously calls Preborn’s ultrasounds “divine encounters” in livereads, hosts like Steve Deace and Jason Whitlock appeal to masculinity to drive donations to Preborn. However, there’s nothing masculine about getting tricked into providing ultrasounds to women who were never considering an abortion.

This is not to indict any of the hosts who do the livereads but a call for transparency in advertising by insisting that organizations back up their claims. The numbers touted by Preborn have never made sense, and Abolitionists Rising was able to shed light as to why.

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4 Responses

  1. The best examples of masculinity are Jesus and the Apostles. Men need only do as they did. Hold other men accountable. First, to not go sleeping around. Second, to step up and provide for women and children.

    Men who sleep around, and men who fail to provide, should be shamed and shunned. Don’t associate with them anymore than we have to. Don’t treat them as a brother, because they are not a brother.

    That’ll stop even the most ardent feminist, self-absorbed “girl boss”. She can’t murder any children if she can’t get any men to sleep with her.

    We’ll probably get a lot farther if we turn our focus toward men. Focusing on women, and making them do ultrasounds, etc. just feeds their narrative that men are trying to own and control women. We’d gain more traction by showing men videos of babies being slaughtered in the womb, and making it clear that no matter what the feminists might argue, it is never solely the woman’s decision. If a man chooses to sleep with her, then he bears responsibility. Some will say, but what if she murders the child against his will. Well, don’t go sleeping around and you won’t have that problem. Where there’s a woman making a “choice”, there’s a man who made a choice.

    And in the case of family who could step up to take care of the child, fathers, brothers, uncles, etc., other men who made a choice after the fact.

    This is the biblical approach. It is not to say women are perfect or can’t do any wrong. It is to recognize the reality of God’s created order, that men bear the responsibility. We’ll get farther if we focus on holding one another accountable. That’s masculinity.

    If you don’t have the guts to hold other men accountable, no matter their position or status or wealth, you’re too wimpy to be called masculine.

    1 Cor 5 isn’t just talking about the worst sexual immorality. It’s talking about all sexual immorality. Kick them out of the church. Shame them. Shun them. Do not associate with them. And make it clear that a man who fails to step up and provide for relatives, and especially household, is worse than an unbeliever (1 Tim. 5:8). Shun and shame them also. That’ll save the lives of babies more than any ultrasound ever could.

    1. And young women should do the same. Ladies, you can’t fix him. Only the Lord can fix him, and that’s only if he truly and completely repents, after which there should be a significant amount of time for the bearing of fruit before you can judge the fruit. Ok, if he sleeps around, supports the slaughter of the unborn, or anything of the sort, do not go near him. Shun him and shame him. And realize when you do, that you’re saving the lives of the unborn.

      Our “society” has slaughtered 60+ million babies, not solely because of feminists, but because we have a “culture” of sin, where women are shunned and shamed for sleeping around, while men are celebrated and encouraged to sleep around. That’s the opposite of what the Bible says to do. It’s the men who should be shamed and shunned the most. And it’s women who are more easily deceived.

      If we’re not doing these things ourselves, to prevent the slaughter of the unborn regardless of the law, then we don’t have much of a leg to stand on. You just can’t pick and choose which of God’s standards you want to follow, as it suits you. That doesn’t work.

    2. To put it even more in context to the article at hand, we live in a culture of sin that defines masculinity as the opposite of what it truly is. The world considers the man who sleeps around to be the more masculine. And that is backwards of the reality of God’s created order. The man who cannot control himself is the weaker, more sensual, and more effeminate.

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