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Woke Preacher Clip: The Methodist Aren’t Woke Enough

The United Methodist Church has been a liberal denomination since its inception. However, they are not woke enough according to a struggle session at their general conference where they were chastised for being too White. This of course was after many Black congregations in Africa left over the UMC’s embrace of homosexuality. But with all of the gayness, the UMC is now too White.

In the clip, delegates are encouraged to vote based on race and gender to prevent White males from speaking too much at the conference and holding too many offices.

The UMC is operating openly as a self-parody.

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One Response

  1. Useful statistics for the opposite reason they intend. It confirms the fact of God’s created order that men are responsible and bear the blame. In this case white american men, in particular are responsible for the apostasy. They led the conference. And God will hold them more accountable on the day of judgment, as the scripture is clear that those who lead will be held more responsible.

    That’s what many men and women don’t seem to understand. The leadership of men is not negotiable with the Lord, nor can it be changed. It’s the inescapable reality of Creation. Both fighting against it, and fighting to try to attain or over-assert that which already exists, are recipes for perpetual misery. As are rejections of the reality that while men lead, men also bear the brunt of responsibility before the Lord. Women can’t try to take the lead and then expect the men to bear responsibility. Men can’t take the lead and then try to shift the responsibility and blame, or fail to do the work to provide and protect as the Lord requires. Those are all recipes for conflict and misery.

    As long as the UMC and other such apostates try to fight against God’s created order, and try to work toward an entirely different utopian vision that is rooted more in darwinism, they’re going to be standing at that podium bellyaching about something or other not being right, from now to the end of days. It wont get better. It will get worse.

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